Keystone Brick makes luxury façade for development

  • 22 Jul 2021

The superior aesthetics, offsite craftmanship and precision of Keystone Lintels’ pioneering brick slip system has ensured the façade of a luxury apartment complex in Buckinghamshire is in keeping with its exemplary architectural design.

Located on one of Beaconsfield’s premier roads, Wellington Court is an exclusive development of one, two and three bedroom apartments.

Developer Halamar’s architectural vision for this property required a gable ended luxury façade and main entrance featuring prominent and distinctive brickwork arches in the Arts and Craft style.

Keystone’s role

To meet their requirements, Keystone’s technical team designed Brick Slip Feature corbelled and full arch lintels. These were manufactured in a factory-controlled environment, negating the need for complex brick cutting on-site.

Fabricated off-site with exemplary craftmanship, Keystone’s technical team ensured each bespoke lintel was manufactured to the size, shape and aesthetic requirements within the project build schedule.

The one-piece lintel design solution required exacting dimensions to avoid any conflict with the proposed stone sitting at the end of each arch bearing.


3593mm upper coursing span and 3143mm lower coursing span measurements were essential for the seamless installation of the prominent entrance.

A consignment of light textured Parham Red bricks were collected from site by Keystone. This reduced brick wastage and improved material management.

Double Cant bricks were precisely cut and bonded onto an extra heavy duty corbelled arch lintel using a BBA approved construction adhesive in a factory-controlled environment.

The patented perforated design of a Keystone Brick Slip Feature Lintel allows the adhesive to squeeze through the perforations and form a ‘mushroom’ on the inside. This provides a mechanical lock between the steel lintel and the bricks.

Greater predictability

Integral key prefabricated lintel components were all manufactured concurrently, as opposed to sequentially which offered greater predictability of operational expenditure during the build programme.

Delays associated with bad weather onsite were also avoided. This allowed for high quality and consistency to be achieved when replicating the four large full arch lintel designs. The impressive 4300mm span and 2150mm rise arches were delivered to site ready for final pointing, with all the arch lintels including lifting hooks for an easier and safer installation.

Keystone is the largest supplier of steel lintels in the UK and Ireland. For bespoke applications, architects, housebuilders and contractors can specify brick feature requirements by utilising Keystone’s free Brick Slip Feature Lintel design service.

With this exceptional development in leafy Beaconsfield now complete, Keystone Brick Slip Feature lintels have once again played their part in meeting the complex brickwork requirements of a high quality scheme and at the same time within the designated build schedule.

Keystone’s Brick Slip Feature Lintels also proved integral to a recent Cheshire barn development, which you can read about here.

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