Model head made from over 800 bricks on display at Vandersanden

  • 2 Aug 2022

A two-part recreation of a head made from over 800 bricks now adorns the entrance to the headquarters of brick manufacturer Vandersanden in Spouwen-Bilzen, Belgium. The creation is the work of Limburg artist Frits Jeuris and is part of his ‘Think Ahead’ series. The work of art was created to mark the retirement of CEO Pirre Wuytack and CFO Guy Wauters.

Anyone passing by the head office of brick producer Vandersanden in Bilzen today cannot miss it: a striking work of art by Frits Jeuris adorns the entrance. A gigantic head consisting of over 800 bricks is now the eye-catching centre piece at the entrance to the building. The number of bricks used was not left to chance: Vandersanden has over 800 employees, so each brick represents an employee.

Frits Jeuris set to work on this work of art to mark the departure of CEO Pirre Wuytack and CFO Guy Wauters. After a career spanning more than 40 years – including 33 years at the head of the company – Pirre Wuytack left last year. Rudi Peeters, ex-CIO at KBC, took over the torch. Guy Wauters was succeeded by Tijs Mebis.


A symbol of the creative mind and collaboration

The work of art is about 1.4 metres high, 1.4 metres long and 1.0 metres wide and consists of two independent parts. The creation fits perfectly into the ‘Think Ahead’ series by Frits Jeuris: iconic heads that appear in many places.

Frits Jeuris comments: “As an artist, by talking to people in the organisation and visiting their offices at the headquarters, I was able to look into the minds of Pirre and Guy and discover their years of creative processes.

“I could see how they worked together and headed a family business. Like any relationship, I saw two opposites that strengthen each other and provide a good balance. I started working with that.”

The sculpture is also characterised by a circle made up of three parts. These parts stand for circulate-collaborate-contribute. This slogan by Jeuris fits in seamlessly with Vandersanden’s motto: ‘Together we build greatness’.

“The Think Ahead series symbolises the creative process, something I also strongly recognised within Guy and Pirre. You have a dream, you visualise it, you place it in the future, you trust in it and then the dream materialises.

“That is the engine of our future and of evolution. I want to thank Pirre and Guy very much for giving me an insight into their thinking, and I want to wish them good luck because the creative brain never stops.”

Work of art reflects Vandersanden’s core values

The idea for the work of art came from a specially created working group within Vandersanden. Lore Wuytack, daughter of Pirre Wuytack, is a member of this workgroup and nominated Frits Jeuris as the artist. She also works for Vandersanden. As a member of the Vandersanden family, Lore is part of the new generation that will help give direction to the family business in the years to come.

Lore Wuytack says: “With this work of art, we wanted to visualise and remember the foundations laid by the previous Vandersanden generation in an original way. The work of art characterises the Vandersanden DNA, in which cooperation and concern for welfare in the near and distant future are important values.”

Under the management of Pirre Wuytack and Guy Wauters, Vandersanden grew from a local player to a European leader in the brick sector. The company also become known as a pioneer in the field of innovation and sustainability.

The work of art was handed over during the three-day Vandersanden Experience, where in total more than 3,300 international customers, partners and employees of Vandersanden were present.

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