Modular SDS drilling system delivers dust extraction at source

  • 12 Sep 2019

EJOT has announced the introduction of a drilling system for concrete brick and block substrates that effectively removes dust and debris at the source.

‘EJOT vortex-SDS’ consists of high-performance modular drill bits that, when used with an ‘SDS Plus’ drill, creates instant and powerful dust extraction with obvious health and installation benefits.

Potentially harmful dust and debris is removed before it reaches the air, whilst the drill hole itself is cleaner, more accurate and created with greater speed.

Internationally, ‘SDS’ stands for ‘Special Direct System’. In the UK, “Slotted Drive System” is also used to relate the SDS drill design principle which utilises slots to allow the drill’s hammer action to thrust the drill bit forward whilst being retained by two ball bearings seated within the slotted indentations.

A standard SDS Plus drill is an essential piece of kit for any professional installer regularly drilling into dense concrete, brick or block substrates.

EJOT’s Research and Development team worked alongside industry partners to develop Vortex-SDS dust-removal drilling, at the source. The resulting system presents the professional installer with a modular drilling kit engineered from high-quality materials:

– 4 x standard carbide tipped drill bits from 8mm up to 14mm diameters and with operating depths from 70mm up to 145mm
– 1 x special drill-to-bit connector
– 1 x modular extension bar, 220mm in length
– 3 x modular carbide tipped drill bits, 16mm, 18mm and 20mm diameters
– Optional extra extension bar offers 20mm diameter holes at 450mm depth

The Vortex SDS drilling system can be attached to any H-class industrial vacuum cleaner but as part of the system offering, EJOT’s R & D team teamed up with international manufacturer Addex, to provide a customised version of the MV-DV20 VAC.

The vented four-cutter design of the EJOT vortex-SDS system means that each carbide drill tip initiates a powerful ‘vortex’ dust extraction force that is created inside each operating component.

An integral 16amp socket connector means that the vortex action is instant and occurs as soon as the drill is activated, continuing to draw dust and debris for a full ten seconds after drilling has finished.

Besides reduced health risk hazards, the removal of dust at the drilling source has the benefit of lessening friction between the substrate and drill bit, thereby speeding installation and creating a cleaner more accurate drill hole.

For instance, this will virtually eliminate the need to blow dust from the drill hole when installing mechanical anchors.


– Modular system for wide range of hole diameters and depths
– Drill bits engineered with high quality carbide tips
– Unique four-cutter drill tip design
– High grade material and carbide tip keep components cooler
– Engineered ‘flats’ aid quicker component removal


– Powerful dust removal at drilling source
– Significantly reduces the hazards to health
– Instant dust removal reduces drilling time
– Significantly reduces time spent cleaning drill hole
– Less debris means longer life of the drill bit
– Modular means components can be ordered separately
– Instant power connection between drill and vacuum
– Extraction continues after drill trigger release
– One trailing cable means less clutter on site

Dust hazards and the HSE

Dense masonry substrates present a range of technical challenges for any competent installer but it is the airborne distribution of dust and debris created from a variety of site activities that has become a focus for the UK’s Health and Safety Executive.

For example, the HSE’s CIS69 document provides guidance on choosing, using and maintaining on-tool extraction to control construction site dust. More significantly the document highlights the legal responsibilities for employers to either prevent or adequately control ‘worker exposure’ to high levels of dust created by a variety of tasks on site.

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