New focus on acoustic design from Ecophon

  • 8 Nov 2017

Welcome a new and innovative solution to the acoustic ceiling family; the Ecophon Focus EzTM.

An asymmetric tegular tile, the Ecophon Focus EzTM, can be installed in different orientations to create angles and forms across the ceiling. Ez also integrates easily with any of the three different lighting solutions to enhance a ceiling installation.


The Ecophon Focus EzTM close up

Ecophon appreciates how the senses of sight and hearing are linked in creating a perception of a person’s surroundings and therefore the importance of considering both when designing interiors.

Through the combination of vivd colour and exceptional acoustic control, the essence of the Focus brand is in being aesthetically incredible while soothing the mind.

Focus offers excellent acoustic properties and appealing visuals, allowing for flair and design flexibility, to ensure almost any project can be met.

However, before the solution can be implemented, it is important to truly understand the acoustic challenge of the room itself.

This approach, called ‘activity based acoustic design’, is a concept that considers three main influences on the comfort of the room: Activity, People & Space.

The designer should evaluate all the noise that could be generated by occupants; as well as the personality, age range and other attributes of the inhabitants.

These factors must then be considered alongside the size, location and materials forming the room.

Analysis completed, the appropriate acoustic treatment, such an acoustic ceiling and wall panels, can be utilised to control the reflection, propagation and reverberation of sound within the space, helping to create acoustic comfort as well as visual interest.

Focus offers interior designers, acousticians and architects an unrivalled toolbox for creating an activity-based solution to a building’s audible performance, together with visual impact.

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