New white paper: How Smart Technology is re-imagining with Donseed

  • 23 May 2018

A new Donseed white paper is looking at how smart technology is beginning to introduce a step-change in the management of wellbeing, health and safety on UK construction sites.

Vital to the success of all construction projects is the approach to the health and safety of its workforce; from altering behaviours and ensuring everybody has the right training and qualifications to monitoring exposure to health risks – there is a continuously increasing number of areas to consider.

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Written by the Donseed team, who specialise in biometric workplace management solutions for the construction industry, the white paper features four main areas:

  • A virtual lesson in using smart technology on site
  • Tackling the issue of fatigue management
  • The use of data intelligently
  • Mental health and occupational wellbeing

The UK construction industry is often deemed slow to react to change, being stuck in its ways and constrained by its fragmented nature, with hundreds of thousands of construction companies not changing things from the way they have always been done.

However, smart technology is changing that and to find out more, download the white paper, for free, here.

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