Permeable paving solution Beta Flow prevents flood risks

  • 27 Nov 2014

Beta Flow and Omega Pencil Edge help to reduce the risk of flooding

The design of the 28,000sq fit eco store has been designed to reduce the impact of flooding with the introduction of a Sustainable Drainage System, whilst also providing a reduced chamber paving block smooth enough to allow shopping trollies to easily glide over the surface.

Civil and structural engineering company, BSP Consulting, has praised Brett Martin’s solution for helping to create a robust permeable paved surface in the Yorkshire car park, speaking highly of the team for the level of technical expertise received throughout the project.

Beta Flow, the latest addition to the Brett permeable paving range, was chosen as a way to ensure that surface water passes down between each block and into the purpose designed sub-base beneath, helping to reduce the risk of onsite flooding or overflow to urban development.

The Beta Flow solution also eliminates the irritation to customers when trollies are being manoeuvred around the car park, making it an ideal long term solution for use in a variety of areas.

Brett Landscaping also provided guidance on the discharge point from which surface water would be directed, together with cross sectional details on how the parking bays would be constructed to meet current British Standards.

The new brownfield site retail development includes 100% PFC certified timber, leading BSP Consulting to specify a permeably paved car park without the interblock gaps typically associated with the material.

The Beta Flow paving works to drain surface water into an underlying permeable sub-base where it can be stored, channelled or slowly released into the ground, a drainage system or onto the next stage in the SuDS water management train.

Permeable surfaces also have the ability to reduce pollutants, which are drawn through to the paving’s sub-base layers where they are stored and degraded over time.

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