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Sound Reduction Systems’ Soundblocker delivers effective privacy solution for partitioned offices

  • 28 Feb 2020

Sound Reduction Systems‘ Soundblocker range of acoustic insulation panels provides an effective solution for architects, interior designers and building owners looking to optimise the usefulness of partitioned working spaces, such as offices and interview rooms, by tackling privacy issues, ‘cross-talk’ and complaints about noise interruptions.

Whilst glazed partitions, in particular, have allowed organisations to create enclosed and private working and meeting spaces, whilst also keeping workforces visually connected in larger office buildings, acoustic issues are often not fully addressed.

This is particularly the case for offices with suspended ceilings, where the effectiveness of even the most advanced acoustic control glazing or partition boards can be massively compromised.

Soundblocker works by providing a layer of acoustic insulation above the suspended ceiling boards within the ceiling void. The panels or tiles are simple and safe to install within new or existing suspended ceilings, and offer four levels of insulation, depending on the application to reduce the noise transfer between a partitioned room and adjoining rooms. 

The Soundblocker Office and Classroom Range (Soundblocker 16) is ideal for a standard office, where it reduces cross-talk through the ceiling to an acceptable standard for non-private areas.

The sound insulating capabilities of Soundblocker 16 can play a major role in assisting office owners and facilities managers to deliver more productive working environments, where employees are more engaged and feel they can work in private when required.

Where greater privacy is sought, enhanced acoustic insulation is achieved through the Soundblocker Private Office Range (Soundblocker 19) and Soundblocker Confidentiality Range (Soundblocker 25).

Both ranges are recommended where high levels of room to room sound insulation are needed (boardrooms, police interview rooms, etc).

The Soundblocker Confidentiality Range can also be used in applications where high levels of noise break-in/out need to be reduced, such as industrial environments.

And for the highest level of sound insulation in ceiling voids, the Soundblocker Entertainment Range (Soundblocker Plus) is capable of reducing high noise levels through floors and the breakout of environmental noise through roofs. 

Alex Docherty, Director of Sound Reduction Systems, commented: “The breakout of sound via suspended ceiling voids can be such a problem that it renders some partitioned offices and meeting rooms useless, particularly where privacy or confidentiality is vital.

“The same issue can hamper the quietness of partitioned rooms too, with noise transfer from surrounding offices and communal areas causing a nuisance.

“That’s why we developed the Soundblocker range. Trends such as co-working, which have enabled building owners to rethink how offices can be utilised for maximum value, requires an effective solution to noise concerns.

“So, with a choice of four different Soundblocker tiles, we have made it easy to achieve enhanced sound insulation where partitions are used to best suit the type of space.”

Full details about Soundblocker can be found via the company’s website, where a brochure can be downloaded, along with supporting CAD and BIM files.

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