Ambirad - Airbloc

Airbloc is a cost effective and energy-efficient solution for warehouses, factories, retail premises and other buildings with public access that all suffer the problems of frequently opened doors. Each time a door opens during winter it’s a potential source of discomfort due to heat loss – and the wasted energy greatly increases the running costs of the building. Airbloc air curtains offer a cost-effective and energy-efficient solution.

Product Portfolio includes:

Commercial / retail air curtains
Airbloc air curtains offer the flexibility of being recessed in bulkheads and above false ceilings, or surface mounted in a fully cased unit. Designed for retail outlets, commercial buildings, small factory units and distribution centres, they are suitable for doors up to a maximum height of four metres.

Ceiling tile heaters
Designed to complement the Airbloc air curtain range to provide a cost-effective heating solution for retail outlets, restaurants and showrooms. Available recessed or surface mounted.

Industrial air curtains
Designed for industrial or large warehousing doors, powerful Airbloc industrial air curtains offer protection for doorways up to six metres high. Industrial units are available with gas, steam or hot water heating.

Food safety
European Food Safety Inspection Service (EFSIS) advises that where food is handled or stored, doors should be adequately proofed. When doors have to be opened, Airbloc air curtains offer a suitable barrier to stop the ingress of dust and flying insects, protecting the internal environment. The use of an air curtain across cold store doors also helps prevent the icing of floors and condensers.
Simple versatile installation
Airbloc units are supplied in a compact modular format for simplified on-site handling. Units are designed for doors up to six metres high. For industrial applications where over-door installation is not practical, the units may be vertically mounted at one or both sides of the door. Remote control panels are provided with each air curtain to reduce on-site wiring.