Armstrong Ceiling Solutions

With more than 150 years of global manufacturing under its belt, Armstrong Ceiling Solutions’ experience is peerless. But it also brings expertise to the equation, constantly delivering pioneering new products and services.

The company’s product portfolio is impressive, incorporating materials such as metal, mesh metal, wood and wood-effects as well as mineral, and ceiling and wall solutions such as canopies of all shapes and sizes and baffles in addition to wall-to-wall ceilings.

These not only deliver aesthetically but also acoustically. Other factors that optimise users’ well-being are systems that resist germs and reduce a building’s reliance on artificial light and air-conditioning 

It is where the green agenda comes into play that Armstrong excels particularly. Not only was it the first mineral ceiling tile manufacturer to recycle old tiles and new tile off-cuts but it now also upcycles, designing new products and complete ceiling systems with the ultimate Cradle To Cradle ethos of high recycled content to start with. 

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