Bailey Street Furniture Group is a core group umbrella of three urban street furniture brands and one playground equipment brand.

The BSFG vision is simple - to build a better world by designing and creating stimulating and functional outdoor spaces that allow us to thrive and enhance our everyday lives. By improving our surroundings and environment we can raise the quality of life and promote a better future for all. We believe that investing in well-designed unrestricted urban spaces is vitally important for a healthier wellbeing and future.

Our experienced design teams utilise environmentally sustainable materials in conjunction with leading-edge technology, which allows the Bailey Street Furniture Group to create inspiring integrated urban furniture for the future. Our design philosophies allow us to help architects, contractors and clients address all needs and emerging trends within landscape design.

For our clients, the integration of our street furniture and playground divisions brings together a broad, diverse collection of innovative street furniture and playground products; skills and experience in our team; and exceptional technical competence, resulting in a simplified and better client experience from specification to installation.

Manufacturing is the very heart of what makes the Bailey Street Furniture Group the design-led business it is today and from the simplest of bollards, the most vibrant of play equipment, to the most complex of steel structures, we can offer a comprehensive one stop source for all of your external site requirements.

Bailey Street Furniture Group harness years of business expertise and we want to share our knowledge and creativity across the merging of all our successful brands. We are proud to offer our industry-specific skills combined with a modern and aspiring outlook towards the future.

Our four brands include:

Bailey Streetscene 
Artform Urban Furniture 
Street Furniture Direct  
AMV Playgrounds  

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