The Chartered Institute of Marketing's Construction Industry Group (CIMCIG)

With 50,000 members in 130 countries, the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) is the largest professional marketing body in the world, and over 100 years old.

The CIM’s Construction Industry Group (CIMCIG) is one of the organisation’s most active industry groups in the UK, and its LinkedIn Group has over 3,000 followers. CIMCIG was set up in 1971 in the UK to specifically support marketers in construction, to raise the status of marketing in the industry and to promote best practice.

CIMCIG is a forum for members to share knowledge and skills. Marketing directors and other experienced marketers say they gain as much, if not more, from CIMCIG membership as newcomers to the profession, and surveys show on average CIMCIG members earn more than their counterparts.

CIMCIG provides a mix of events, seminars and conferences throughout the UK, and hosts the annual Construction Marketing Awards. In 2017 a new Level 3 Certificate in Marketing for the Construction Industry was launched.