Hydrorock Solutions

Following ten years of research and development by Rockwool, Hydrorock Solutions has  launched a new, innovative, sustainable drainage system consisting of Natural Aquifer Blocks in the UK.

Effectively managing excess surface water to prevent flooding and  drought, Natural Aquifer Blocks are made from natural stone wool, providing an enhanced natural water management system, an alternative to burying plastics underground 

The Hydrorock system stops large volumes of water collecting in a single place, moving,  storing and releasing water by infiltration, attenuation and irrigation. An increased surface area is achieved due to the system's modularity, and the capillary action allowing infiltration  through the base. 

As a true holistic SuDS solution, Natural Aquifer Blocks relieve the additional load on nearby  sewers and other existing infrastructure, improving soil water balance and integrity by  keeping water within the confines of the site. This extremely flexible and adaptable modular  system unlocks the potential to build on the most challenging of sites. 

Some of the many benefits of the Hydrorock system include: 

- Offering an innovative, green sustainable alternative to existing drainage systems - cost effective  

- A simple, fast installation process 

- Adaptability to any location or challenges 

- Retaining surface water within the confines of the site 

- No maintenance 

- Recycled for free at the end of their lifecycle by Rockwool 

Hydrorock Solutions are changing the way we manage surface water in the UK.