When the EJOT fastener manufacturing Group acquired the LIEBIG brand in 2017, it made a commitment to provide full accessibility to the LIEBIG product range and the technical data that supports it.

The unique modular design and absolute strength of LIEBIG anchoring products is well known by structural engineering professionals around the world. The LIEBIG brand has an unrivalled reputation to deliver outstanding strength and performance in its unique portfolio of anchoring products.

For structural engineers, being less familiar with the EJOT brand is understandable, unless career paths have included sorties into the numerous sectors that comprise industrial roofing, cladding and insulation. Designing and manufacturing fastening solutions for this domain is EJOT’s world.

LIEBIG anchoring technology and EJOT’s manufacturing and technical support is now one market force. LIEBIG products are hallmarked classics and the modular nature of the range makes all LIEBIG anchors easy to adapt and easy to create bespoke lengths and assemblies quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively.

Together EJOT and LIEBIG are making this unique anchoring technology and the technical knowledge to support specification readily accessible; putting the LIEBIG product range firmly back in the hands of the engineer.

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