Metal Cladding and Roofing Manufacturers Association (MCRMA)

The Metal Cladding & Roofing Manufacturers Association (MCRMA) represents and promotes the interests of systems manufacturers, component suppliers, independent roofing and cladding inspectors and industry support services companies who provide products, systems and services within the non-domestic metal roof and wall market sector.

The MCRMA brings together the UK’s leading roofing and cladding providers who supply built up systems, insulated panels, rainscreens, rainwater management systems and structural deck systems. These companies have delivered to the majority of the industry’s most prestigious buildings creating imaginative and innovative building designs that offer cost-effective and sustainable solutions which will benefit future generations.

As the voice for the industry, MCRMA works closely with a variety of industry bodies and Standards committees to develop building envelope solutions and to disseminate best practice, ensuring that its members operate to the highest standards at all times.

MCRMA members are regarded as the premier suppliers of goods and service to the non-domestic building envelope sector and are known for their ability to speak with authority, have a full and unequalled knowledge of their business sector and without doubt offer reliability to their customers.

List of guidance documents 

GD35 Aesthetics: Assessment and evaluation of cosmetic imperfections or damage – CPD APPROVED

GD34 The definition of cladding within the construction sector – CPD APPROVED

GD33 Executive Summary. Fasteners for metal roof and wall cladding: design, detailing and installation guide

GD33 Fasteners for metal roof and wall cladding: design, detailing and installation guide – CPD APPROVED

GD32 Self drilling fastener installation tools

GD31 Pre-laminated membrane and factory assembled insulated pre-laminated membrane gutters – CPD APPROVED

GD30 CE marking of fabricated structural steelwork for industrial, commercial and agricultural buildings

GD29 Manufacturing tolerances for profiled metal roof and wall cladding – CPD APPROVED

GD28 Mineral wool insulation installation: best practice design guide – CPD APPROVED

GD27 Installed tolerances: best practice design guide – CPD APPROVED

GD26 Executive Summary. Aluminium fabrications: a guide to good practice

GD26 Aluminium fabrications: a guide to good practice – CPD APPROVED

GD25 MCRMA statement on CE marking of roof walkway products

GD24 Installation of purlins and side rails – CPD APPROVED

GD23 Inspection checklist for metal-based roofing and cladding systems

GD22 Installing renewables on metal roofs: a checklist

GD21 Thermal performance of buildings: non-domestic construction

GD20 Serviceability states and deflection criteria guidance – CPD APPROVED

GD19 Effective sealing of end lap details in metal roofing constructions – CPD APPROVED

GD18 Guidance to the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015

GD17 A guide to site installation of insulated roof panels – CPD APPROVED

GD16 Guidance for snow loading on cladding – CPD APPROVED

GD15 Guidance for wind loadings on roof and wall cladding – CPD APPROVED

GD14 Guidance on fastener specification

GD13 Non fragility of roofs: a checklist

GD12 Composite flooring systems: sustainable construction solutions

GD11 Fixings and fastenings for rainscreen systems

GD10 Working at Heights: a fall prevention and safety checklist – CPD APPROVED

GD09 Fall protection anchorage standards, EN795 2012 and CE marking

GD08 An introductory guide to rainscreen support systems

GD07 Installation and quality of workmanship

GD06 CE marking of construction products

GD05 CE marking Q&As download document

GD04 MCRMA advice on retention of title clauses

GD03 Guidance note on building regulations compliance

GD02 Guidance on industry guarantees and warranties

GD01 Built up systems and spacer stability

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