Metal Gutter Manufacturers Association (MGMA)

MGMA seeks to encourage best practice in the specification and installation of metal gutter systems and produces a variety of documents designed to educate specifiers, contractors and home owners about the type of metal gutter systems available, their application, superior life expectancy and unrivalled value over other material alternatives.

In addition, the MGMA has developed a product matrix on the web site to help simplify the metal gutter specification process. The matrix is designed to help specifiers quickly find a suitable manufacturer for their next project; users can select from ten different material types, including fabricated steel, cast iron, cast aluminium etc. There is also an option to select from product application type namely, non-domestic, domestic, heritage, new build and refurbishment.

MGMA has developed a new best practice British Standard for the design and manufacture of metal gutter systems. The new standard specifies the requirements for the design and manufacture of metal gutters on industrial, commercial and residential buildings. It reflects the advancement of available materials and manufacturing technologies and applies to the manufacture of all heavy duty metal gutter systems, not just steel.

Metal guttering systems are designed and manufactured to give many years of reliable service and detailed advice is available from individual MGMA member companies at

The MGMA is the only organisation which represents the major UK manufacturers and is, therefore, a valuable source of information and advice on all matters relating to metal gutters.