Mitsubishi Electric

Mitsubishi Electric Living Environmental Systems

As one of the UK's largest manufacturers of commercial heating, cooling and ventilation equipment - Mitsubishi Electric has pioneered the use of energy efficient, heat pump technology.

The City Multi VRF, Mr Slim and M Series products lead the market, all controllable with a comprehensive range of web-based and M2M controllers.

Mitsubishi Electric remains the only air conditioning manufacturer to reject any major growth in the UK's residential market as unnecessary and unsustainable.

Instead, Mitsubishi Electric is leading the market in the provision of low carbon residential heating systems, with its Ecodan® air source heat pump.

The range of Ecodan commercial heating-only systems is also helping buildings achieve renewable energy targets, delivering up to 688kW of sustainable, low carbon heating.

The introduction of Lossnay heat recovery ventilation systems can reduce energy bills whilst ensuring that our buildings get all the fresh air they need.

The development of energy efficient buildings remains a long-term goal of Mitsubishi Electric under its framework for realising a sustainable planet - Environmental Vision 2021.

In the UK the company's Green Gateway LinkedIn group, or Twitter account (@green_gateway) offers a chance to receive up-to-the-minute news and views on how we can all play our part in achieving a renewable built environment.