Monodraught have extensive experience in designing, developing and manufacturing products that help reduce costs, energy consumption and carbon footprints. Monodraught are recognised as market leader in Natural Ventilation, Natural Daylight and Low Energy Ventilation and Cooling systems and have been designing and manufacturing low energy, low carbon solutions for 40 years.

In 1982 Monodraught launched the WINDCATCHER Natural Ventilation system, which was based on the original Vertical Balanced - Flue arrangement and encapsulates any prevailing wind to provide energy free, natural ventilation. The WINDCATCHER X-AIR is a 2nd generation natural ventilation system featuring the patented ACTIVLOUVRE® modulating aerofoil louvre technology.

In 1995, Monodraught launched the SUNPIPE system and pioneered its development in the UK. The SUNPIPE natural daylight system directs sunlight into a room from roof level.

Monodraught introduced the ONLINE SUNPIPE SHOP for the UK market on 2013. SUNPIPES are also sold worldwide!

Monodraught have recently launched (2013) the new edition of COOL-PHASE low energy ventilation and cooling system that creates a thermally comfortable, fresh and healthy indoor environment whilst reducing the energy consumption and running costs of buildings by up to 90%.

Since 1974, Monodraught have delivered design solutions to thousands of projects and they would be delighted to assist you in designing the best indoor climate solution for your project.