NARM - The National Association of Rooflight Manufacturers

NARM is a well established industry association representing a complete cross section of the rooflight design and material type manufacturers in the UK.

This includes: in-plane profiled rooflights, continuous barrel vaults, modular domes and pyramids, panel glazing systems and architectural glazing systems for skylights, lantern lights and atria.

The association has been formed to promote co-operation between member companies, in order to develop and maintain standards and codes of practice - and to provide an authoritative information portal for rooflight specifiers.

NARM is an active member of the CPA (Construction Products Association). Our committee plays an active role in advising Government on future Building Regulations.

NARM members' code of practice

All full and associate members of NARM are:

  • Focussed on quality and have obtained, or are working towards, BS EN ISO 9001:2000 Registration.
  • Committed to staff training and development.
  • Able to offer balanced advice on the use of rooflights, rooflight materials and rooflight systems without misrepresentation.
  • Dedicated to customer satisfaction through the development and supply of quality rooflights, rooflight materials and systems.
  • Supplying only those products which comply with relevant UK and European Standards and Building Legislation.
  • Promoting good business practice and publish clear statements on terms of sale and product warranties.

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