Nortek Global HVAC

Nortek Global HVAC is a leading manufacturer of total, integrated heating, ventilation and cooling solutions within a diverse range of industrial market sectors. Committed to designing, developing and delivering innovative, energy efficient and effective product and system solutions, Nortek provides lasting results for our customers and the environments in which we live and work. With manufacturing facilities in the UK, Belgium and France, over 95 years of experience and a market presence throughout the UK and continental Europe, Nortek is the expert HVAC company customers can trust! Our extended brand family includes Reznor®, Vapac® and ServerCool® creating genuine value in the HVAC market place.

Nortek’s innovative product solutions have been showcased in several market sectors for decades, including sports and leisure, retail, commercial, rail, education, aviation, transport and many more.

We are thought leaders in the HVAC market providing high value, integrated solutions to deliver bespoke energy efficient outcomes from start to finish offering an unrivalled range of products from our extended brand family. Our people drive our commitment to designing, developing and delivering innovative, efficient and effective product solutions for our customers.

The key advantages of working with Nortek Global HVAC include:

Products customers want. We use Demand Flow Technology (DFT), the most advanced and flexible manufacturing process in the industry, to quickly deliver the exact high-quality products specific to customer demands.

Services customers need. We have some of the leading contractor marketing programs in the industry and a comprehensive, easy-to-access online literature library.

Support every step of the way. We offer a highly rated in-house technical services team with 193 total years of experience. This gives our customers the ability to speak with actual service technicians during business hours every weekday.

Nortek Global HVAC manufactures a wide range of industrial and commercial HVAC products in the European market. From gas-fired air heaters to rooftop units and everything in between, Nortek Global HVAC is at the forefront of HVAC technology.
We anticipate our customers’ needs and deliver innovative solutions that exceed expectations and offer high value.

Since 1919, Nortek Global HVAC has been a company of problem solvers. We approach heating, ventilation and cooling not by looking at what’s been done, but rather by what our customers need. Sometimes the answers are in the equipment itself, but often times the answers lie outside the box. Literally. 

You’ll find this fresh approach in how we make the equipment, how we do business and in how we support our customers – from purchase to install and for the life of the product. 

At Nortek Global HVAC, we manufacture. We engineer. But most of all, we listen.