Protan UK

Protan is one of Europe’s three biggest manufacturers of construction textiles, and operates in 50 countries worldwide. Its UK business delivers a full support service, from NBS specification and in-house CAD design through to technical advice and variable warranty depending on specification from its headquarters and training centre in Warrington.

Its product range encompasses unique roofing solutions alongside a core range of single ply membranes.

Protan prefabricated system brings innovative benefits to all in the construction process. It involves factory-welding of the membrane in Protan’s purpose-built manufacturing plant, with Protan’s in-house Proplan software calculating the most efficient usage of material to minimise waste. On site, all the contractor has to do is fix along the edges and abutments, and detail around penetrations etc. Protan produces a range of factory- formed detailings to further simplify the process.

Its unique vaccuum system is the only single ply roofing method to harness natural air movement to provide adhesion.

Protan’s vacuum system works by loose-laying Protan membrane over an airtight, load-bearing vapour control layer, on top of a metal or concrete sealed deck, inserting the vacuum vents across the main roof area, and mechanically fixing at perimeter and penetrations. As air moves across the roof, any air between the membrane and airtight substrate below is sucked out, causing the single ply to ‘stick’ to the roof. The stronger the wind blows, the greater the suction effect and corresponding grip of membrane to roof.