Renderplas Ltd is a British manufacturer and supplier of PVC beads, for rendering, plastering, dry lining and EWI. We have been addressing the shortcomings of traditional metal beading profiles for the last 30 years by designing in PVC to suit the British and worldwide market place.

PVC is the most cost effective, non-corrosive material to produce robust, sustainable beads which are made from up to 100 percent recycled material and are guaranteed for 25 years. Renderplas PVC beads conform to BS EN 13914-1:2016 - External Rendering and are unobtrusive, making them ideal for scraped finishes. Our beads are also BBA certified and fully REACH compliant.

Renderplas supply over 40 profiles including render beads in 9 natural colours, skim plastering and dry lining beads including 2 shadow gap profiles and EWI mesh beads.

The Renderplas range is particularly suited to renovation and refurbishment projects. Renderplas PVC beads are specified in many EWI systems due to their conformity to all relevant British Standards. PVC beads can be used internally for wet plastering and skim coat beads and flexible arch beads. Clip on edge beads for plasterboard will not stain during lengthy drying out periods.