Roof-Pro are a leading UK provider of non-penetrative, free-standing supports for building services and access platforms on flat roofs. With over 18 years of experience, they provide a complete design service for consultants, contractors and building owners, which ensures a professional and cost-effective installation. Their support solutions are regularly used to support various types of building services on flat roofs. These include: AHUs, chillers, condensers, plant rooms, pipes, ducts, cables, step overs and access platforms.

The key design principles of the business are encompassed in the Roof-Pro Three-Point Certification. This unique approach ensures that stability, load management and facilitating future roof maintenance have all been designed into each Roof-Pro support solution.

Roof-Pro also supply a range of additional roofing products, including:

PP-3 & Roof-Nek - weather-tight penetration risers for pipes and cables

RedLINE & FlamLINE - flat expansion joint tapes

Proliner - rainwater refurbishment outlets

Lite-Anchor - lightning conductor fixing pads