Sandtex Trade

There may be several brands in the construction industry boasting a 50 year pedigree, but few claim to serve the very same purpose today as they did when they first appeared in the market. Sandtex® however has stayed true to its origins, and continues to serve the same industry needs in very much the same way as it did in 1961, ie protecting and decorating the nation's external substrates using a system approach.

Over the decades Sandtex has gone from strength to strength and the product portfolio has benefitted from extensive investment in research and development, and features state of the art coatings technology. That's why you will find BBA accreditations and anti-carbonation certificates, which ensure our formulations include the most durable, weather resistant and lightfast products money can buy.

The Sandtex system now consists of products that encompass wood, metal and even uPVC as well as stone, brick, pebbledash and render, and of course concrete which is where it all began.