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09 June 2021

Hush Acoustics: Weathering construction’s perfect storm

The rapid post-COVID bounce-back in commercial and public sector activity has coincided with a DIY and home improvement boom, the likes of which never seen, to exert unprecedented pressures on the building industry, explains Hush Acoustics…

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Hush Acoustics
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13 November 2020

Silence creaky floors and impact noise with Hush-Panel 28

Hush-Panel 28 (from Hush Acoustics) provides a proven way for house builders and developers to prevent creaky floors and impact noise from internal and separating floors in single dwellings and multi-occupancy properties, including apartment blocks.

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13 September 2019

How to reduce creaking floors with Hush Acoustics

This article from Hush Acoustics outlines the causes of the annoyance that is creaking floors, as well as solutions to help deal with the issue.

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24 September 2018

All you need to know about the Hush Panel 28

Designed and engineered by experts, Hush Panel 28 is Hush Acoustics’ unique, adaptable and efficient sound reducing floor panel; one of its bestselling acoustic flooring products.

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