Taiwan Excellence

Taiwan Excellence to host virtual hardware and fastener industry press conference and exhibition

  • 7 May 2020

Taiwan Excellence will be providing international audiences with a first look at some of Taiwan’s most innovative hardware and fastener products, during its upcoming Taiwan Excellence Virtual Hardware and Fastener Industry Press Conference, taking place on Tuesday 12 May at 9am (British time).

Also launching straight afterthis press conference is the organisation’s 24/7 exhibition centre, featuring an industrial loft-style pavilion with augmented reality demonstrations of featured products from 28 Taiwanese companies; its virtual doors will be open to global buyers and the public from anywhere, at any time.

Despite fierce international competition – and due in part to Taiwan’s innovative thinking, precise division of labour and a complete supply chain – the country’s hardware industry has been gaining strong momentum.

In 2019, its hand tool industry export value surpassed 3.79 billion US dollars, earning Taiwan a top three worldwide ranking.

The industry’s transformation is evident not just from its transition from traditional OEM to smart manufacturing and environmentally-friendly products and production, but also in its application of digital marketing and online conference strategies to expand business opportunities and establish Taiwan’s precise industrial image and its hardware industry’s global leadership.

Taiwan Excellence

Right Tools, Best Craftsmanship: Taiwan Excellence May 12th Virtual Press Conference is hosted by Mr. Simon Wang, Executive Vice President of the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA), Taiwan’s foremost trade promotion organisation.

Taiwan Excellence’s virtual hardware and fastener industry press conference will cast the spotlight on this rapidly-growing industry, as well as on four winners of the prestigious Taiwan Excellence Award: Jing Fong industry Co., Ltd., Medical Intubation Technology Corporation (Mitcorp), Sheng Tai Brassware Co., Ltd. (Justime), and Air Tools Co., Ltd (Airboss).

Taiwan’s finest hardware and hand tool innovations, exemplified by these companies, will be unveiled at the virtual press conference.

1. Jing Fong industry Co., Ltd. – Prevailing Torque Type Hexagonal Nuts with Flange

Jing Fong’s new take on the standard nut-and-thread design improves contact tightness without stripping the threads, allowing for extraordinary anti-loosening and anti-vibration ability.

This leap forward in driver safety has prompted German auto-manufacturer Daimler to utilise the Jing Fong nut technology in their luxury Mercedes Benz automobiles.

2. Medical Intubation Technology Corporation – X2000 HD Videoscope

This videoscope series have already been exported to the United States and over 20 European countries. The technology, which was originally used in medical endoscopy, allows auto and aircraft repair technicians to see the inside of an engine and diagnose problems, saving disassembly time and avoiding related maintenance risks.

For example, the maintenance personnel at the Ferrari Maintenance Factory in Italy took out an industrial endoscope and extended the thin tube at the front end into the engine to investigate the fault through the screen. These videoscopes account for 4 to 7 million USD in revenue for Medical Intubation.

3. Sheng Tai Brassware Co., Ltd. – JUSTIME YES 2 Single Handle Wall-Mounted Basin Mixer

Recipient of the ‘2020 Taiwan Excellence Award’ and the ‘2019 Red Dot Award’, Sheng Tai’s modernised faucet is designed as a Y-shaped geometric column with agile lines and circles, forming a perfect ratio.

Free of past redundancies, it provides an attractive appearance with the purest composition and a new handle design using metal cutting techniques to increase the holding torque, thus presenting a delicate texture.

4. Airboss Air Tools Co., Ltd. – Air Discharge Adjustment Pneumatic Wrench

Dispensing of the need to set up additional control switches, this high-quality, newly developed pneumatic wrench effectively solves the shortcomings and limitations of existing pneumatic tools which lack the ability to change speed and torque once they are powered up.

The pneumatic has many applications, such as for manufacturing and assembling vehicles, auto locomotives and bicycles to increase production capacity.

Registration for Virtual Press Conference and Exhibition

To get a ‘front row seat’ at the virtual press conference, Taiwan Excellence invites buyers and media from worldwide to register in advance for the event, which commences at 9am (British time).

The press conference will also be published on the official Facebook fan page of Taiwan Excellence – https://www.facebook.com/TaiwanExcellence.en – allowing interested parties to tune in at locally convenient times.

For more information, visit tinyurl.com/twexcell-hardware

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