The benefits of fabric ductwork distribution systems

  • 20 Apr 2015

The Reznor AirMix is a fabric ductwork distribution system which allows for cheaper air distribution than traditional steel ducts

With steel prices rising worldwide, the cost of galvanised steel ductwork has increased.

Because of this, fabric ductwork distribution systems, such as the Reznor AirMix, are being used more and more.

These systems can be used for heating, ventilation and air conditioning with duct mounting heights of up to 15m.

Air distribution with fabric ducts

The fabric distribution ductwork plenum can be manufactured from a range of materials to suit different applications.

It is inflated by the air pressure inside the duct.

Modern fabric ducts are more practical than air socks, which diffuse air through their surfaces.

They are also more efficient than polythene tube type ducts, where the air is diffused through the row of holes located down the length of the duct.

Modern fabric ducts are more versatile than these systems, distributing air more efficiently.

Bespoke air distribution

With computer design technology, modern ducts can be developed and created to suit different applications.

For instance, air distribution can be specified.

For each application, air distribution outlets are placed in different areas on the duct; the location of the outlet depends on the mounting height, air leaving temperature and terminal velocity criteria that needs to be achieved.

The outlets induce secondary air from around the duct into the discharge air stream.

This helps to promote substantial low velocity air movement within the building and results in an even temperature distribution.

The benefits of fabric ducts

Fabric ductwork systems are lightweight, enabling installers to fit them faster than traditional steel ductwork.

The induced air movement around the duct also reduces the risk of condensation forming; because of this, the duct does not need to be insulated.

As the ducts are self-balancing, no grilles or terminals are required, resulting in further savings.

Distribution ducts, such as Reznor’s AirMix, are also available in a range of colours, eliminating the need for costly painting and re-decorating.

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