The Complete Guide to Floor Insulation by Galaxy Insulation

  • 29 Aug 2023

Proper insulation is crucial for maintaining a comfortable and energy-efficient home or commercial space. When it comes to floor insulation, Rockwool is a popular and highly effective choice. In this comprehensive guide, Galaxy Insulation, a leading insulation supplier in the UK, provides valuable insights into Rockwool floor insulation

This piece will explore the benefits of using Rockwool insulation, specifically Rockwool RWA45 and Rockwool Flexi, as well as the installation process. With Galaxy Insulation’s expertise, you can enhance energy efficiency, reduce heat loss, and improve acoustic performance in your property through high-quality Rockwool floor insulation.

Benefits of Rockwool Floor Insulation

Rockwool floor insulation offers numerous advantages that contribute to a comfortable and energy-efficient indoor environment. Firstly, it provides excellent thermal insulation, preventing heat loss through the floor and enhancing energy efficiency. Secondly, Rockwool insulation is highly effective in reducing airborne and impact noise, improving acoustic performance in both residential and commercial spaces.

Additionally, Rockwool is non-combustible, providing fire protection and enhancing safety. Rockwool RWA45 and Rockwool Flexi, available at Galaxy Insulation, are specifically designed for floor insulation applications, offering superior performance and durability. By investing in Rockwool floor insulation, you can enjoy improved thermal comfort, noise reduction, and peace of mind.

Rockwool RWA45: Ideal for Floor Insulation

Rockwool RWA45 is a versatile and high-performing insulation product specifically designed for floor applications. With its excellent thermal properties, it effectively reduces heat loss through the floor, creating a more comfortable indoor environment and lowering energy consumption. Rockwool RWA45 is easy to install and provides exceptional acoustic insulation, reducing sound transmission between floors. Additionally, it is resistant to fire, ensuring optimal safety.

Galaxy Insulation offers a wide range of Rockwool RWA45 products, allowing you to choose the most suitable size and thickness for your floor insulation needs. Trust Galaxy Insulation to provide you with top-quality Rockwool RWA45 for efficient and reliable floor insulation solutions.


Rockwool Flexi: Flexible Insulation for Floor Applications

For irregular or uneven floor surfaces, Rockwool Flexi is an excellent insulation choice. This flexible and compressible rockwool product is easily applicable around pipes, cables, and other obstacles, ensuring a seamless insulation layer. Rockwool Flexi offers excellent thermal insulation, reducing heat loss and improving energy efficiency.

Moreover, it effectively absorbs sound, minimising noise transmission between floors. With its fire-resistant properties, Rockwool Flexi provides additional safety benefits. Galaxy Insulation stocks a range of Rockwool Flexi products in various thicknesses, providing you with the flexibility to achieve optimal floor insulation results, even in challenging installations.

Installation Process for Rockwool Floor Insulation

Installing Rockwool floor insulation requires careful planning and execution. Before installation, ensure that the floor is clean, dry, and free from debris. Measure and cut the Rockwool insulation to fit snugly between the floor joists or in the subfloor cavities. Install the insulation with the appropriate compression, ensuring a tight and continuous fit. Pay attention to sealing any gaps or joints to prevent air leakage and maximise thermal performance.

Additionally, consider installing a vapour barrier if necessary. For detailed installation instructions and guidance, consult Galaxy Insulation’s resources or seek professional assistance to ensure the proper installation of Rockwool floor insulation on your property.

Why Choose Galaxy Insulation?

Galaxy Insulation is a leading insulation supplier based in the UK, specialising in high-quality insulation products and solutions. With a strong focus on customer satisfaction, Galaxy Insulation is dedicated to providing top-notch service and products to meet the diverse needs of its clients.

As an authorized distributor of Rockwool, a renowned manufacturer of insulation materials, Galaxy Insulation offers a wide range of Rockwool products. Rockwool is known for its exceptional thermal insulation, fire resistance, and acoustic performance, making it an ideal choice for various applications.

At Galaxy Insulation, customers can find a comprehensive selection of Rockwool products, including the popular Rockwool RWA45 and Rockwool Flexi. These insulation materials are specifically designed for floor applications, providing excellent thermal and acoustic insulation properties. Whether you need insulation for residential or commercial projects, Galaxy Insulation has the right solution to meet your requirements.

The Bottom Line

Rockwool floor insulation, such as Rockwool RWA45 and Rockwool Flexi, offers significant benefits in terms of thermal insulation, acoustic performance, and fire resistance. Galaxy Insulation, a trusted supplier of Rockwool insulation products, provides a comprehensive range to meet your floor insulation needs.

With their expertise and high-quality insulation solutions, you can enhance energy efficiency, reduce heat loss, and improve acoustic comfort in your property. Visit Galaxy Insulation’s website to explore their range of Rockwool products and choose the right insulation materials for optimal thermal comfort and sound insulation on your floors.

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