The importance of corporate social responsibility and sustainability with Seal-Lite

  • 20 Nov 2019

As times change and the world begins to show awareness of the impact our modern lives have on the planet, it has become clear that it’s time for manufacturers to take responsibility and honour their corporate social responsibility, as Seal-Lite discuss…

Seal-Lite takes its commitment to being environmentally ethical very seriously, through the various approaches the company adopts when it comes to its products and the way they are manufactured.

It also makes sure it is helping on a more local level, doing more than only installing home improvements in North Somerset, additionally giving back to the community when it can do so.

The growing problem of plastic pollution

Plastic pollution damages both the environment and the wildlife, and in the uPVC industry it is important to do everything to minimise how we add to this epidemic.

Two-thirds of the plastic in our oceans comes from land-based sources, thanks to, amongst other things, people littering, industry spills, and poorly managed landfill sites.

There is approximately 269,000 tons of plastic in the sea, which affects aquatic life and seabirds, who can get caught in it or mistake it for food.

The damage done by plastic pollution is not just felt by the inhabitants of the sea. Fish that consume plastic can be served to humans, containing the plastic, which exposes us to health risks like endocrine disruption and even certain types of cancers.

How Seal-Lite tackles plastic wastage

At Seal-Lite, there is an emphasis on making sure it recycles everything used on site to significantly reduce the amount of waste produced.

This stops it from ending up in landfills and oceans. This commitment is upheld throughout the entire process, from the fabrication of its uPVC and aluminium products within its manufacturing facilities to the installation of these products within homes.

A dedication to sustainability

Seal-Lite’s corporate social responsibility extends beyond reducing plastic waste, striving to reduce harmful emissions that will pollute the environment.

All of its windows have an energy rating of ‘B’ as standard, and it ensures the security and effective weatherproofing of all Seal-Lite products whilst utilising a Solar PV system on-site that generates 50% of the electricity used.

It also strengthens its CSR by employing skilled individuals who are local to the company, which contributes to society. Seal-Lite believes supporting your workforce and developing their skills where possible can create brighter futures, tying into your corporate social responsibility.

Why corporate social responsibility matters

Corporate social responsibility shows people a company isn’t just out to serve its own interests, instead showing you think about what is best for your community. This helps build a company’s reputation and positively impacts how it is perceived.

For more info on sustainable double glazing products for homeowners, businesses and trade projetcs, contact Seal-Lite on 0330 031 2171

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