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The versatile Shade Sail from A&S Landscape

  • 6 Mar 2020

The Shade Sail, from A&S Landscape, is one of the most versatile products on the market for creating areas of shade and shelter.

The idea is similar to that of a sail on a ship – the structures are made of tensile fabric and they offer shelter from the rain, as well as shade from UV rays.

Shade Sails can be installed with either shade cloth fabric or waterproof PVC fabric, both of which are available in a wide range of colours.

A&S Landscape can create a bespoke shelter solution for any specification, no matter what the requirements are.

As well as an extensive range of colour options, shadesails can be installed in any number of shapes and sizes, creating the perfect covered area for your project.

The fabric is tensioned by a pulley system or turnbuckle, which is fixed to each corner of the fabric.

The kind of fixing needed will depend on whether the sail will be left up permanently, or whether it will only be used occasionally.

The turnbuckle means greater tension can be applied, whilst the pulley system means it is easier to take the shadesail down regularly. These are things that can be considered during the design stage.

The posts which the fabric affixes to are designed to cope with the required tension, as well as additional increases in load, for example from wind or snowfall.

Multiple sail designs are being seen more and more. Installing them in groups can create larger covered areas, as well as striking designs.

A&S Landscape work across a wide variety of sectors, installing shade sail canopies for many uses, one of which is colleges, where multiple shade sail canopies are being installed, creating areas for students to socialise outdoors.

A&S Landscape

As well as this, hospitals and care homes install shade sails to add outdoor seating areas for patients and garden centres are creating shaded areas for outdoor dining.

A&S Landscape

Another example of their use is in schools, where they are providing the opportunity to set up outdoor learning areas, as well as play spaces for younger children. 

A&S Landscape

Examples of recent installation projects include 

Chobham Adventure Farm – multiple shade sails have created sheltered areas for the younger children.

Shipley College – fabric shade sail canopies create a seating area alongside on of the greenhouses.

Jack Hunt School –  fabric shade sail creates an outdoor seating area.

Whatever your project, visit the new image gallery from A&S Landscape for some inspiration – gallery.

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