Tinytag Energy Logger: Save energy, save money

  • 5 Oct 2022

Businesses in the UK, particularly SMEs, have been adversely affected by skyrocketing energy costs. Energy data loggers, such as the Tinytag Energy Logger, provide businesses with information about significant areas of energy usage…

Many premises, from heavy industrial sites to smaller retail units, rely on machinery and equipment that consume large amounts of power. A surge in energy prices has left businesses desperate to maximise energy efficiency to cut power consumption and, ultimately, costs.

Fortunately, businesses may receive support from government-funded energy-saving and renewable energy support schemes, and grants from energy suppliers. Eligibility for these programmes and funding opportunities often rely on proving the adoption of more energy-efficient and sustainable equipment, practices, and processes.


Analysing data before and after the installation of energy efficiency measures is key to validating your energy-saving plan. Recording data before energy-saving implementation can inform your strategy by revealing areas of high power consumption that could feasibly be reduced, as well as the peak times for energy usage in your facility.

Data recorded after energy-saving plans are executed helps to verify the energy savings of the plans in place, all while providing useful historical data to refer back to and report on. Energy data loggers, like the Tinytag Energy Logger, give businesses information about substantial areas of energy usage.

Measuring current, voltage, and power, the easy-to-use Energy Logger is a non-invasive and portable data logger for single and three-phase power usage monitoring. The Tinytag Energy logger captures the relevant data you need to make informed decisions concerning your energy usage.

By providing an accurate record of energy usage, the logger enables the rapid identification of power-hungry or inefficient equipment, peak load, and unnecessary idling times.

This in turn enables effective measures to be taken to reduce electricity bills and allow cost savings through the implementation of new equipment, processes, and procedures.

Order the Tinytag Energy Logger online at www.tinytag.info or call 01243 813000 to discuss the Energy Logger or other products in the Tinytag range with the sales team.

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