Top tips from Contour for specifying Air Conditioning Guards in Section 136 Suites

  • 1 Apr 2021

When specifying air conditioning guards in Section 136 Suites, there are key features you’ll need to consider, explain Contour…

Look for a strong, robust air conditioning guard that provides protection, has anti-ligature features, and offers a bespoke solution.

Air Conditioning Guards Offering Protection

Air conditioning guards protect air conditioning units from damage to improve their durability and longevity.

This is important, because an individual using a 136 Suite facility may show signs of unpredictable and often erratic behaviour, which could lead to potentially unsafe situations. 

If vandalism occurs, air conditioning guards can become weak and, therefore, lose the protection it should offer.

With units being one of the costliest objects in a room, you want to be able to prevent the possibility of damages and vandalism that might commence.

To offer necessary protection, a tip is to search for air conditioning guards that are made to be robust with strong material and opportunities to add strengthening properties if your specific needs require it.

Contour Air Conditioning Guards

Anti-Ligature Features

Architects and specifiers constantly seek ways to lessen the risk of self-harm and suicide in custodial settings, and a 136 Suite is no different.

Due to the unpredictable nature of individuals using 136 suites, it’s key that furniture, fixtures, fittings and appliances are optimised to maintain safety standards and to provide a comfortable, secure, and safe environment.

It’s often believed that suicide risk comes from ligature points that are above head-height. However, studies have found that suicides can, unfortunately, occur where ligature points have been below the head or even at waist height.

Consequently, it’s important to specify an air conditioning guard that is anti-ligature to keep all individuals safe and secure.

To guarantee all ligature risks are minimised, you should search for an air conditioning guard that follows these certain characteristics

Small grilles, we recommend IP3X rated grilles

 – (If wall secured) No large gaps between product and wall
 – Minimal gaps or joints
 – No sharp edges
 – Bullnose, rounded corners
 – Security locks and fixings

Bespoke Air Conditioning Guard

Do consider that some AC guard manufactures can make the guards bespoke to cater to a variety of unique design alternatives in any given Section 136 Suite.

This ensures every section 136 suite receives the best possible guard for their individual needs.

Air Conditioning Guard Warranty

Search for an air conditioning guard company that provides a warranty. Peace of mind that your guard is protected in case of an unlikely event of it becoming faulty is important.


With these tips, your air conditioning guard will be strong and durable to offer protection to all service users.

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