Top tips on improving your school’s heating efficiency

  • 28 Jan 2020

A cold classroom can be distracting for even the most motivated of pupils. However, heating can be one of the most expensive energy users in schools, which means that keeping your school warm can be expensive.

Here, Contour has some tips on ways to improve your school’s heating efficiency…

1. Keep To Recommended Room Temperatures

Whilst it’s uncomfortable to be too cold in a classroom, the same could be said for if it’s too warm. Maintaining optimum temperatures will ultimately boost morale and improve productivity in your classroom.

The Department For Education and Skills recommend the temperatures for schools for various activities and situations.

– Normal teaching environment: 18 °C
– Circulation spaces (e.g. corridors): 15 °C
– Areas with high levels of activities (e.g. sports halls): 15 °C
– Areas with low levels of activity: 21°C
– Special Educational Needs (SEN) schools or areas with very young children: 21°C

The surface temperature of radiators needs to be considered. There have been instances where children have severely burnt themselves on radiators in schools. Always ensure that the radiator surface temperature doesn’t exceed 43 °C.

Need any support? Explore Contour’s LST range.

2. Time Your School’s Heating Appropriately

We recommend that you time your heating so that it reaches optimum temperature before children arrive and cool down gradually throughout the day.

Contour offers four different thermostatic radiator valve kits specifically designed for out LST radiators. Controlling the heat output of your radiators couldn’t be easier. To read more about Contour’s TRV kits, click here.

3. Prevent Interference With Radiators

With schools being as large as they are, there are lots of opportunities for staff and children to disrupt the heating and ventilation levels. Discourage staff and students from doing this. Explore Contour’s TRV range and choose a tamper-proof kit.

4. Don’t Block Heat

Many educational settings suffer from a lack of space, particularly if classrooms are over-subscribed with over thirty pupils. Avoid obstructing radiators or vents with equipment and furniture. This will ensure adequate circulation.

5. Upgrade To A Quality Product

Choosing LST radiators for your educational setting is an economical investment in the long-term. Contour’s range of LST radiators ensures a certain heat output, reducing energy cost and maintaining a safe surface temperature. Coated in Biocote anti-microbial technology, and hosting a range of bespoke and colour options, an LST radiator is the ultimate way to improve safety and provide a unique solution for your school.

Overall, safety and wellbeing are at the forefront of Contour’s LST range. Consider utilising some of the funds raised from your Christmas fayre on upgrading your current radiators to a cost-effective, safe

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