Uzin Utz announce new packaging for all its brands

  • 18 Mar 2022

Further to the announcement regarding the Uzin Utz new corporate and brand design ‘The Art of Floor Systems‘, the company is pleased to announce that the packaging for all its brands will also change.

The new packaging will incorporate the Uzin Utz logo and bold brand colour, for example the UZIN packaging will be distinguished in a bright blue design. 

It has also tried to make the packaging simpler and clearer with significantly less text replaced with helpful pictograms and QR codes directed to the products technical data sheet.

As UZIN is committed to sustainability and reducing unnecessary waste, it will use all the old packaging before the new packaging is utilised. The roll out of the new packaging will therefore be in stages depending on when all remaining packaging has been used. Customers should start to see deliveries of the new packaging for some products from now on


The new design uses selected colours and specific shapes in striking combinations to create abstracts that are each linked to a specific brand in the Uzin Utz family.

They are derived from the updated brand logos and are used with the specific shape and colour on all print documents, media and packaging. Uzin, for example, is represented by the characteristic blue and U shape, or Pallmann by a circle in orange. All the abstracts are included in the new key visual for ‘The Art of Floor Systems’.

Creating synergies with the brand family

The aim of the new look is to present the six brands with their broad product portfolio of installation systems, coatings and tools more clearly as a family and to illustrate the synergies in terms of products and customer service across all the brands.

The specific logos and typeface have been updated across all the brands and pictograms and QR codes with further information have been added to all packaging.

The excellent quality of presentation and legibility of the fonts were essential for this.

Philipp Utz, board member, comments: “We listened to our customers and have thought about what information is important to installers and what should be visible at a glance from a distance for transporters and warehouse operators.

“We have therefore redesigned our packaging – with a clear structure, clear information and consistent design together with the most important information provided by text and image. And always accompanied by our new Uzin Utz umbrella brand logo and the claim ‘Your Floor. Our Passion’.”

Packaging in the new brand look 

The benefits of the new packaging include the clear, bold product name, in large and legible font; clearly associated brand colours and shapes; condensed information; and symbols that are easy for every user to understand. Instead of long texts, internationally valid pictograms provide technical information and applications instructions quickly and easily.

Philipp adds: “We have removed information, some of which was repeated, and replaced it with the additional information for product name, the application text and the pictograms, reducing the amount of text on the packaging by up to 70%.

“Labels, environmental and test certificates and a QR code with country-specific information, such as product data sheets in various languages and user videos, is now included on all packaging for quick access to the necessary information.”

Sustainable, right from the start

A lot of rethinking also took place behind the scenes at Uzin Utz when switching to the new packaging. Image and product data are now maintained centrally using a Product Information Management (PIM) system.

Printouts for the different containers can be created just-in-time in different languages at the touch of a button. Larger volumes of rejects and waste will therefore now be a thing of the past.

Philipp says: “The new packaging will be introduced in 2022 and will be available from all countries where we operate by the end of 2023.

“However, we are deliberately keeping the transition fluid, as we want to use up all our stocks of existing packaging first for the sake of the environment. The current shortage of raw materials also shows just how important it is for businesses to be sustainable.”

All the brands under the Uzin Utz umbrella 

The new umbrella brand brings together the wealth of experience of all the brands and presents their shared flooring expertise.

Julian Utz, board member, comments: “Our ‘The Art of Floor Systems’ campaign is not just about celebrating superb craftsmanship, but also about our new approach.

“We want to provide our partners with efficient solutions from a single source – and the new image conveys our wide-ranging expertise, while also demonstrating the shared identity of all the Uzin Utz brands.”

For more information about the new Uzin Utz corporate design and the ‘The Art of Floor Systems’ campaign, see the separate website at

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