Ventilation systems need to be adaptive

  • 9 Mar 2015

If left untreated, mould can be hazardous to health. Greenwood Airvac suggests that the installation of adaptive ventilation systems can prevent it

Greenwood Airvac believes that lack of education is contributing to the rise of damp and condensation.

With 5 million UK properties suffering from damp – many of which are social houses – the company aims to help people understand the importance of choosing correct ventilation systems.

Greenwood Airvac’s initiative is centred around providing a ventilation review and offering ventilation solutions that can be adjusted to suit any home.

The company hopes this initiative will help social landlords address the issue of damp and condensation to improve the UK’s social housing stock.

Ineffective fans and ventilation systems

In the long term, mould and condensation can be detrimental to health. Investigations, mould washes and dehumidification work can also be costly.

Mould and condensation can be prevented with the installation of an effective ventilation system.

However, in many cases, the effectiveness of fans can be influenced by a number of domestic factors.

For instance, the amount of people living in a home can add to the amount of moisture being created. By completing normal household tasks, a family of four can produce 24 pints of moisture a day.

If the house has benefited from an insulation system, this moisture has no natural paths to escape.

This results in streaming windows and black spots on ceilings and walls. Damp can also damage clothes, furniture and other fabrics.

Homeowners should thus consider installing more effective fans and ventilation systems after insulating their houses.

Installation problems and lifestyle choices can also have an impact on the effectiveness of fans. A poorly heated home, for example, is more likely to suffer from damp issues throughout the year.

Adaptive ventilation systems

Adjustable ventilation systems can tackle the domestic issues that may cause fans to be ineffective

Before specifying a ventilation system, homeowners and landlords should do an audit.

They must look at housing stock, occupancy level and types of fan installations to understand their situation and specify an effective solution.

With so many variables having an impact on the effectiveness of fans, it is likely that an adaptive and flexible solution will need to be installed.

These adjustable systems can be fitted to suit a specific home’s individual needs.

They can be specified to target and tackle the variables in a home that are affecting a fan’s performance.

By doing so, they will provide the home with effective ventilation and reduce the risk of damp and condensation.

Find out more about Greenwood Airvac’s adaptive ventilation system initiative

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