Clos-o-Mat Palma Vita wash and dry toilets

Wash and dry toilets specified for disabled homeowner independence

  • 14 Oct 2015

A number of Clos-o-Mat’s Palma Vita wash and dry toilets have been fitted to deliver improved hygiene and independence for the habitants of several supported living apartments.

 In conjunction with Saxon Weald, East Sussex County Council has designed and constructed a supported living apartment block in Eastbourne.

508 Seaside comprises 18 affordable supported living apartments. The five flats on the ground floor have been purpose-designed to accommodate wheelchair users and those with severe disabilities.

Four of the ground floor apartments’ wetrooms have been fitted with Clos-o-Mat’s Palma Vita wash and dry toilets.

Palma Vita wash and dry toilets

The Palma Vita incorporates in-built washing and drying, whilst sporting the appearance of a conventional WC. As the douching and drying is automatic and set to specific levels, users can enjoy improved hygiene.

With a range of accessories available from Clos-o-Mat, the wash and dry toilet can be personalised to suit individual needs.

Independent toileting

When a conventional WC is replaced with one of Clos-o-Mat’s toilets, the funding cost is recuperated in a few months, as the need to provide care support for toileting is eliminated.

The Palma Vita allows users to gain independence; they no longer need a carer to wipe them clean, allowing them to enjoy a dignified toilet experience.


Building 1, Brooklands Place,
Brooklands Road,
M33 6SD,
United Kingdom

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