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What are the benefits of an air conditioning guard? Contour asks…

  • 20 Jan 2021

An air conditioning unit can provide you with many benefits, including improved air quality, increased comforts, and lower energy bills. An air conditioning guard works to protect your current units in place. Keeping this in mind, what are the benefits to an air conditioning guard? Contour explains…

Air Conditioning Guards: It’ll Provide Peace Of Mind

An air conditioning unit is an expensive commodity, so there is no doubt it must be protected and preserved to maintain its performance and longevity.

An air conditioning guard’s job is to shield an air conditioning unit. With this protection, you can have peace of mind that the unit is protected from vandalism, damage, and self-harm.

Air Conditioning Guards: They’re Protective

You may find in mental health hospitals or public sports arenas that air conditioning units may face vandalism and damage. This is due to the environment they are in, so they are more prone to damage.

A benefit of an air conditioning guard is their protectiveness – they can shield air conditioning units from damage and vandalism that can impact the unit’s lifespan.

To care for the units, guards are available in Zintec protected steel in various gauges from 1.5mm – 2mm, to ensure the guards are strong and robust.

Where extra strength is needed, a strengthening strut can be provided to give the front of the cover additional strength.

For vulnerable individuals that may be prone to self-harm, Contour’s air conditioning guards are made with an IP3X grille to ensure there are no ligature risks that could otherwise be life-threatening.

Air Conditioning Guards: They’re Hygienic

Another benefit for Contour’s air conditioning guards is they provide a hygienic solution

The guards have straightforward access for cleaning and maintenance with options to quickly drop-down doors, so cleanliness can be maintained effortlessly, with just one member of staff.

This is especially important given the COVID-19 pandemic and risks of hospital-acquired infections. Easy access for cleaning can make sure that the hospital environment is as comfortable as possible for all service users.

For ultimate hygiene, BioCote® is introduced at the production stage to offer protection against several microbes: bacteria, mould, and some viruses. 

BioCote® technology has been proven effective against some notable microbes. In combination with regular cleaning regimes and hand hygiene, it delivers essential hygiene protection.

It is a silver-based antimicrobial technology that lasts the lifespan of the air conditioning guard, ensuring the guards are as sanitary as possible.

Contour’s guards are painted using a dry powder coating process, which includes BioCote® antimicrobial technology. During this, the paint will have sealed the guard, so it is protected against damage and corrosion.

Air Conditioning Guards: They’re Bespoke

Not all buildings are the same and conform to a specific standard of construction. Older buildings may have unique designs and shapes that require a bespoke solution.

Another benefit of Contour’s air conditioning guards is the offering of a bespoke guard to cater for your own unique space. This means no customer is at a disadvantage and they can all utilise an air conditioning guard for the available space. 

The guards allow for an open area of 23%; however, to prevent air loss, it is recommended that plenum is constructed once the air conditioning guard has been supplied.


Contour’s bespoke air conditioning guards are hygienic, easy to clean, protective, anti-ligature and bespoke. They can safeguard expensive air conditioning units from destruction and sabotage, to increase the lifespan of the unit and therefore – increasing the unit’s performance too.

To ensure peace of mind, all guards are protected with a five-year warranty against defects in workmanship and materials for five years from the purchase date.

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