What heat outputs do LST radiators give?

  • 21 Mar 2019

Contour Heating discusses heat outputs and LST radiators and explores more about how effective LST radiators are at heating up a space.

A concern for many of Contour’s customers is that an LST radiator has a lower heat output than a standard radiator and that, therefore, they will need a bigger, or more, radiators to make up the difference. However, this isn’t the case.

There are a range of options available to Contour customers to ensure that the heat given out by its LSTs matches the requirement of space.

In Contour’s LST Radiator range, there are three standard types of radiator to choose from. Type 11 radiators, which are made of a single panel and a single convector. Type 12 radiators, which have a double panel, but a single convector and Type 22 radiators, which have a double panel and double convector.

In the Covora LST radiator range there are 140 different options for you to choose from. In the DeepClean LST radiator range there are up to 300 options. These range from 450mm x 600mm, which would give you 191 watts of heat output, up to 750mm x 2200 giving 3393 watts.

Heat output can be affected by a number of factors, including the length, height and depth of the radiator, and whether the radiator is wall or floor mounted.

The overall output of the radiator also depends on the type and size of LST radiator that you have installed. The depth of the radiator is the biggest factor affecting output as the greater the depth of the LST, the better the overall heat output.

Depending on the space that it will be installed into, if required, Contour does offer bespoke options for sizing and outputs.

For example; Contour also offers a Type 33 radiator. This is the same as the Type 22, with the double panels and convectors, however; it also includes an additional panel and an additional convector. For heat outputs, this has a dramatic effect.

When you compare a 1200mm x 400mm Type 22 LST radiator to a Type 33 bespoke LST radiator of the same measurements, the heat output increases by 26%.

The only size difference between the two is that the Type 33 is has a greater depth because of the additional panel and convector which, in turn, improves the heat output.

Depending on the type of radiator that you choose to install, you can expect heat outputs to suit the space. Smaller radiators of 450mm x 600mm in the Type 11 range would give ample output for a small bathroom, such as en-suite but larger LST radiators with greater outputs would naturally work better in larger spaces.

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