What type of grilles come with LST radiators?

  • 17 Jul 2019

Contour‘s grille design LST radiators ensure that heat output is not affected and that safety standards are maintained, but what types of grilles are available?

Linear grilles

A linear grille is a separate component from the rest of the LST radiator. It’s designed to be inserted separately and isn’t part of the main radiator cover. Linear grilles are designed by cutting a large hole into the main body of the radiator cover, and are then inserted into the guard later on in the design process.

Often, this style grille is chosen because it’s more aesthetically pleasing than the alternative of having the grille punched in.
These grilles also have a good strong quality to them, making them ideal in spaces where a robust LST radiator is required.

However, there are some drawbacks to this type of grille. These grilles can become dust traps as dust gathers in the linear shelves that make up the grille. This could contribute to the build-up bacteria which could impact on the health of people within the space.

In schools, this can lead to increased levels of absenteeism. According to Healthy Schools, 22 million school days are lost to illness every year. Increased levels of dust and bacteria can increase the chances of pupils becoming ill, meaning they risk missing out on vital school time.

A further drawback of linear grilles in radiator covers is that they aren’t pencil proof. This creates a risk of children getting their fingers caught and injuring themselves on the grille. It also means that small items could be pushed through the radiator cover where they could block the heat output.

Punched Grilles

Punched grilles are built into the main body of the radiator cover. They are punched directly into the sheet metal. These grilles are pencil proof; giving additional safety to the low surface temperature solution that the LST radiator provides. Fingers can’t get caught in them and students won’t be able to push small items through the grille.

The design of a punched grille can be adapted to suit the needs of the space; this isn’t possible with a linear grille. The flexibility of the design makes them ideal for spaces with specific needs within their heating solution. For example; with a punched grille you can take away or add to the design as much as you need to when specifying your requirements. You can change the look to suit the needs of your space.

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