Yorkshire-based Neaco reaps rewards of sourcing 100% from UK

  • 2 Nov 2022

Yorkshire manufacturer Neaco sources 100% of its raw materials in the UK and has seen a major increase in its competitive strength amid soaring energy costs and global supply chain issues.

Malton-based Neaco Ltd uses domestically supplied aluminium alloy and glass to produce a range of modular building systems, including architectural grilles, decking, adaptive bathing aids, balustrade and balconies. Competitors which sourced cheaper raw materials from overseas are now feeling the effects of increased import costs and delays, negating their price advantage. As a result, Neaco has recorded a surge of interest for the company’s entirely home-produced products. 


‘Advantage in the domestic market’

Alan Green, Neaco Managing Director, says: “Companies across the world have experienced a negative impact from the energy crisis and the disruption in the global supply chain. 

“Neaco are no different, but our reliance on UK suppliers has given us an advantage in the domestic market in the context of the challenges facing the worldwide economy. 

“All our architectural solutions are made up of modular components which are pre-engineered at our factory using high quality raw materials from long-standing British suppliers, backed by a class-leading lifetime guarantee. 

“When tendering for UK projects in the past, there were times when we have lost out purely on price to competitors which rely on importing lower quality products or lower quality, cheaper raw materials.

“These imports have now become much more expensive due to increased energy and transportation costs. Their prices and their lead times have gone up, so many of their clients are now turning to us.

“Pre-fabricating our components and holding them as stock enables us to provide much faster lead times and enables clients to bypass supply chain obstacles.

“Keeping our logistics in the UK and reducing our carbon footprint through minimal transportation has always been an attractive attribute to a UK construction sector which prioritises sustainability, but we can now combine that with extremely competitive pricing which has delivered a substantial increase in business over the past six months.

“The challenge ahead will be maintaining that success in an increasingly uncertain economic climate at home and abroad.”

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