GUEST ARTICLE: Five tips for designing a high end bathroom without costing too much

  • 22 Oct 2018

When clients are looking to remodel their bathroom, they often have grand visions, but lack the budget to match it. Helping them through the process of understanding what is realistic is part of your job. However, when your client is on a budget, there are still ways to create a high-end bathroom without spending too much money. Here are five simple tips:

Look Into Shower Head Options

high-end-bathroom-001Installing a new showerhead is a great way to update the look of your shower. You can choose from a standard single head or a dual shower head and wand. A handheld unit expands the range of options for the shower.

New showerheads are really cheap, and putting a new one in will revitalize an existing bathroom. For an even higher-end feel, look into a rain shower head. These resemble the look and feel often found in a spa. Everyone will be impressed when they walk into the shower, and like other heads, rain shower heads are very affordable.


Work with the Grout

One of the simplest things to work within an existing bathroom is the grout. And, there are two approaches you can take, both of which are relatively simple and cheap.

If the grout is salvageable, you might just opt to have it deep cleaned. For many homeowners, cleaning grout is the last thing they get to, and thus the grout can really become dirty and dingy. A deep cleaning refreshes the colour and vibrancy, giving the appearance of it being almost new.

In the case where the grout is too far gone, you can add new grout. Again – this process is relatively inexpensive, especially when compared to putting in new tile. The fresh grout will make the tile flooring stand out and look amazing.

Update the Existing Cabinets

Instead of ripping out and installing new cabinets under the sink, you can work with the existing cabinetry to provide more of an upgrade. A brand new vanity unit, complete with countertop, plumbing, and fixtures, can cost a lot. By working with what you have, you can help save money but still provide a great look.

For starters, you can utilize the existing cabinets by pulling the doors off and repainting or refinishing. Filling in holes, dings, and dents, combined with a good colour that pops, can help improve the look of the bathroom for relatively cheap.

You can also update the hardware to really make your cabinet look more modern and refreshed. For a high-end look, aim to keep the small details like hardware, towel racks and other small items in the same colour and material finish.

Focus on the Faucet

Faucets can be a focal point in any bathroom, and spending a little bit of money on something unique and stylish can upgrade the look and feel of the entire room.

Granted, you can get an inexpensive unit for next to nothing. But, when you look at all of the costs that go into a new bathroom, a high-end faucet can actually end up saving you money, when you put some cash towards this instead of other areas.

Frame the Mirror

For a simple mirror hanging in the bathroom that does not have a frame, this is a great upgrade to really make the vanity pop. It also carries with it a nice, DIY touch, and is unique as most homes don’t have framed bathrooms.

You can leave the framing it’s original colour or paint it to better match your bathroom theme. If your mirror does have a frame then you can consider painting the frame a different colour to elevate the atmosphere.

When your clients have a limited budget to spend on their bathroom upgrade, these tips should help get you started. You can still provide a nice bathroom upgrade, while taking their budget into consideration.

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