GUEST ARTICLE: What are the uses of ready mix concrete?

  • 10 Sep 2019

Ready-mix concrete consists of sand, water, cement, and aggregates mixed in accurate proportions. Building projects require asphalt and concrete; two of the most common materials.

But, there is a third material that can substitute these two; and, that’s RMC or Ready Mix Concrete. It is helpful for various residential, industrial, and commercial projects.

This material is one of the most versatile when it comes to construction projects. You can implement it in almost every area, such as municipal space, corporate offices, and homes. 

Ready-mix concrete is highly advantageous for construction purposes because of its strength, sustainability, versatility, and durability. The following are some of the most common uses of ready mix concrete in various construction projects:

Civil Engineering:

1. Roads

The historical past of concrete roads can be dated back to the year 1893. In fact, there are several reasons why the government choose to use concrete to build roadways for both generals as well as specialised purposes. The huge level of vehicle and foot traffic that roads have to deal with is not hidden from anyone. And that’s the reason why they need to be constructed using materials that are not only durable and strong but also that requires less maintenance even after prolonged usage. Ready-mix concrete checks all these requirements. You will notice that roads made up of concrete last several years without requiring any maintenance, mainly because they are made up of materials that do not break easily. In addition, ready mix concrete is probably the best yet cost-effective alternative to asphalt, which even today in some countries are used as a primary material for building roads and even highways.
Considering everything that ready mix concrete has to offer, it doesn’t come as a surprise most of the road construction professionals suggest using this durable material.

2. Paving

Paving a public access pathway involves choosing the most appropriate building materials to ensure that they last for a long time. The material concerned must be durable, offer much-needed traction control, and shouldn’t be affected by the weather. Considering all the requirements, ready-mix concrete is undoubtedly the preferred choice for paving. Whether it is a complete pavement restoration or an improvement of the driveways for better parking, ready-mixed concrete ensures maximum durability for all paving tasks.

3. Foundations

Foundations of large commercial buildings need a solid material that will hold the structure together for decades. This will help to distribute the weight of the building and give it the much-needed stability. It will also prevent the property from subsiding or sinking. Again, ready mix concrete is the perfect choice for such projects. This material meets the strength and integrity that building foundations require. That is why it is one of the most dependable materials when it comes to footings and foundations. Moreover, this is an economical option for constructing buildings.

4. Car parks

Like roads, car parks also experience a high amount of traffic and weight every day. Car parks of office buildings and shopping centres remain busy almost throughout the day with constant traffic. Using materials like concrete or asphalt involves a massive amount of money. Contractors may not be able to profit if they use these materials. That is why ready mix concrete is the best substitute. They are not only cost-effective but can also stand the test of time without requiring too much maintenance.


1. Driveways

Concrete is always a popular choice when it comes to residential driveways. They are durable, don’t require a lot of maintenance, and incredible weight-bearers. Many people think that using ready mix concrete is expensive for residential projects. Well, not at all. You can save a lot of money on maintenance. Asphalt and regular concrete require significant maintenance where you need to clean the driveways monthly prevent mold growth. Ready-mix concrete doesn’t have such issues.

2. Shed bases

If you are searching for a durable material that will provide the perfect foundation for your garden, there is nothing better than ready mix concrete. It is easy to use, hardly requires a lot of time for installation, and settles down quicker than regular concrete and asphalt. Garden footings should always be durable and solid so that you don’t have weeds and roots coming out of cracks from the sides. Ready-mix concrete doesn’t crack too quickly. It can endure extreme weather conditions without frequent maintenance and easily handle the weight of a sheds contents.

3. Garages

Garage floors, like car parks, require heavy-duty materials so that it can withstand the coming and going of your car. With ready mix concrete, you get the best heavy-duty material going. It is suitable for all types of garage floors because of its durability and strength. Moreover, its ability to bear massive weights also make it the right choice for residential garages. Ready-mix concrete doesn’t have any lumps or grains, thus making it very smooth for garage floors.

4. Garden patios

There are many reasons why ready mix concrete is more popular than asphalt and regular concrete when it comes to constructing garden patios. First, the contractor needs to determine the weight the patio will support. Ready-mix concrete can support a wide variety of weight. Its weight distribution is better than the other two materials. Moreover, the surface should always be sloping so that it can drain water without absorbing it. Ready-mix concrete can do that efficiently.

This material is also widely popular because it is damp-proof. So, even if your garden gets enough water due to rainfall, ready mix concrete will not absorb anything to make the surface damp. You can lay the wood on it without any second thoughts. If you plan to use the garden patio for parties, this material will support heavy weights easily.
So, without any further doubts, pick ready mix concrete as your next construction material over asphalt and regular concrete. It is cheap and more durable, making the material essential for contractors.

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