B&S Steel Supply offers a large range of structural steel for any project size or type. Delivering steel direct to site across London and the South East for over 20 years, expanding from our roots in Northamptonshire.

Our continued success is due to a commitment to every customer, from quick turnaround on orders to highly competitive quotes. All our steel products are top quality and meet all standards.

We primarily supply steel beams and steel reinforcement. Steel beams and columns are commonly used in the construction of buildings and other structures. Steel reinforcement is necessary to provide extra strength to concrete.

Additionally, we also stock and supply stainless steel and aluminium metals, so whatever the needs for your project, we can likely help.

Steel Beams

We supply steel beams across London and the South East, delivering direct to site from easy-offload lorries where needed.

Our stock includes all the most common beam sizes, shapes and weights, all manufactured to the latest standards. Please see our steel beams page for exact specifications.

Whatever your project requirements, our sales team will work hard to fulfil your steel beam needs, and in many cases be able to deliver on a next day basis.

Steel Reinforcement

For many projects, concrete does not provide sufficient tensile strength by itself, but with the addition of reinforcement, strength and tolerance is increased significantly.

Steel reinforcement comes in many forms, shapes and sizes, so whatever the needs of your project; we can supply just the right products. The steel reinforcement section of our website details the exact specifications we carry.

We are able to supply reinforcing bar (rebar) and mesh to domestic and commercial customers across London and the South East, and pride ourselves on quick order turnarounds.

Steel Columns

Commonly used in construction, both domestic and commercial, universal steel columns, along with beams, provide a strong structural framework.

Our columns are available in a large combination of length, widths and thicknesses, to accommodate the requirements of just about any project. Should you be unsure on your requirements, our knowledgeable sales team will be happy to help.

As with all our beam and columns, we are able to cut to size using the latest steel cutting equipment.

We can often turnaround orders in 24 hours or less, and deliver directly to site from easy-offload lorries.