Kemper System

KEMPEROL® - globally renowned liquid resin waterproofing systems for the long-term protection of roofs, buildings and critical structures, including green roofs, eco-roofs and warm roof build-ups.

Applied wet-on-wet in a single process that saves time and money on-site, the cold liquid-applied resins saturate a reinforcement fleece which is extremely tough, and cures to form a seamless, monolithic, elastomeric membrane.

We have a fifty-year track record of proven performance in the application of KEMPEROL® on billions of square meters world-wide; and certified by the BBA with an expected working life in excess of 25 years.

Our reputation as a specialist for solving difficult waterproofing tasks has made us a much sought- after partner for a diverse range of projects and specifiers. This includes new build and refurbishment of commercial and domestic properties in both the public and private sector and an enviable portfolio of major landmark buildings.

KEMPEROL® 2K-PUR is the first solvent-free, odourless, wet-on-wet, fleece reinforced liquid roofing and waterproofing system available in the UK.

It is ideal for use on sustainability based projects or on sensitive occupied buildings where the strong odours and fumes from solvent-based products would be disruptive.

Roughly 80% of the applied polyols (resins) in KEMPEROL® 2K-PUR are obtained from the seeds of the tropical castor plant - a renewable resource.