A Contour Article: Are LST Radiators For Schools Hygienic?

  • 23 Jul 2018

Contour offers an extensive range of low surface temperature radiator solutions that are designed to meet the heating market’s evolving needs.

The company’s radiators and radiator covers have been developed to meet the needs of many environments, including the education sector, focusing on the health of children in schools.

To combat the spread of bacteria and improve hygiene in classrooms, Contour’s DeepClean LST radiators and radiator covers use BioCote® to minimise the spread of bacteria in nursery schools, primary and secondary schools, SEN schools and colleges.


How Are Contour’s LST Radiator Covers Optimised For Hygiene?


Contour set benchmarks for hygiene and user protection.

When Contour became exclusive partners with the leading provider of anti-microbial technology, BioCote®, it became the first UK radiator manufacturer to incorporate anti-microbial technology into radiators and radiator covers.

BioCote® has over 20 years’ worldwide experience in the development and application of anti-microbial technology and guarantee superior anti-microbial performance.

BioCote® supply Contour with anti-microbial additives, which are integrated into the paintwork stage of the manufacturing process for all DeepClean radiator covers. The anti-microbial additives destroy up to 99.9% of bacteria in under two hours, and a significant microbial reduction is clear within just fifteen minutes. This performance lasts for the lifetime of the radiator cover.

Easy Cleaning Design

Traditional radiator covers tend to be basic, fixed units that are difficult to access, preventing thorough cleaning. They also harbour dangerous levels of bacteria. Internal cleaning requires complete disassembly and assistance from facilities estates personnel. All too often, this proves too difficult and time-consuming, so cleaning is dropped from the priority list.

The results of this? Dangerous levels of bacteria multiply in and around radiators, causing increased levels of illness in the classroom.

A radiator cover interior that hasn’t been cleaned, combined with the convection process, forms the perfect condition for the multiplication and distribution of harmful bacteria. The risks are all too prevalent year-round, but they increase in winter. During the convection process, dormant bacteria are re-activated with moisture as the radiators heat. The period of stasis ends as the bacteria continue to multiply, and the risk of illness grows.


Contour implements solutions to battle these hygiene-related issues with its DeepClean range.




Optimised for maximum hygiene and, ultimately, minimal disease, Contour LST products include, but are not limited to:

Wall-to-wall radiators and covers: These protect users from perimeter or finned pipe heating systems; they also bridge gaps between radiator covers and adjoining walls.

Bay window radiator covers: These allow low surface temperature systems to follow angled walls using internal fixing brackets.

Free-standing radiator covers: These are designed for environments where it is not possible to achieve a fixing behind the cover. Instead, free-standing radiators have a floor mounted fixing system.

Vertical radiator covers: The grilles in these covers are located centrally to provide maximum efficiency of heat convection.

Corner fitted covers: These open shoulder design guards fit into corners, particularly beneficial for tight spaces.

– Rotarad rotating radiator valves: Rotarad is a unique WRAS, KTW and ACS approved rotating valve kit. The valves are suitable for new installation projects and existing radiators. Rotating valves allow emitters to pivot away from the wall to the floor and deliver complete access behind the radiator for cleaning.

Security cables: Useful for oversized doors, radiator cover door cables can be fitted to the interiors of DeepClean models to prevent the covers falling to the floor when the casing is opened.

Universal valve adapters: These convert existing valves, such as Drayton, Myson and Danfoss brands, allowing them to accept our valve bodies.

Front-facing TRVs: These are positioned over the front of a unit if access to the side of a radiator cover is restricted.


Hygiene In The Education Sector

Hygiene in education is pivotal to the health and wellbeing of children. When hygiene is optimised, healthier children contribute to better educational outcomes. Contour’s specialist DeepClean designs are fundamental in the refurbishment of schools to undergo a key shift in the welfare of all students and staff. Contour work with educational environments for all age-ranges to build happy and healthy spaces for new generations to learn and grow.

Contour can be contacted at;
The Mansions
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Tel: 01952 290 498
Email: [email protected]

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