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Adapting to the outdoor economy? Don’t set yourself up for a fall says Pop Up Power Supplies

  • 7 Jan 2021

With the COVID-19 pandemic making many people rethink their relationship with outdoor spaces, the value of outdoor space on any public or commercial premises is probably greater than ever and it is asset worth investing in, says Pop Up Power Supplies®.

Any ambitions for using these spaces for regular events, setting up an alfresco dining or drinking area or creating a space for socialising or for children to play in, must be thought-through properly in terms of optimising safety.

Part of any risk assessment will be to minimise trailing cables – perhaps one of the biggest trip hazards in public spaces that can cost property owners and managers dearly.

For example, according to the Bristol Post, Bristol City Council alone paid out £600,000 in compensation in the five years between 2015/16 to 2019/20, the vast majority of which was for trips and falls.

Given there are over 400 local authorities in the UK, the national figure for compensation payments due to trips and falls in the public sector alone will be millions of pounds every year.

Pop Up Power Supplies

Outdoor spaces will be used more than ever as the public’s appetite remains strong to be outdoors and minimise the risk of COVID transmission – not just into 2021 but for years to come.

Pop Up Power Supplies are making the case of ensuring these spaces are equipped with power connections where you need them, when you need them, without having to rely on hired generators or running lengthy cables from adjacent buildings.

With pop up, retractable service units or flip-lid in-ground service units from Pop Up Power Supplies, the risks from trailing cables in outdoor spaces is kept to a minimum, because the mains power feed runs underground to a unit that is submerged in the ground – and it is raised up when needed in the case of retractable units. 

Any cables to power stalls, lights, till points, sound systems and anything else needed to host an event or create a facility are as short as they can be because the sockets are positioned right where you need them.

When the event is over, the units are simply locked up safely and hidden in the ground until they are needed for the next event.

On-demand service units from Pop Up Power Supplies can be specified and configured to provide the required number of power sockets to safely connect all necessary equipment, and they can be used to feed water and data to outdoor spaces too.

Pop up power units are raised from the ground with ease via a turning handle and lowered back to the ground when their purpose is served – the principle of being ‘there when you need them, hidden when you don’t’.

The alternative in-ground service unit is accessed via a robust flip lid, which can be used in HGV traffic areas and means they can be used with the lid locked down once power leads are connected for additional safety.

The units blend seamlessly with their surroundings as the recessed lids are designed to accommodate paving slabs, grass, tarmac and any other surface covering.

In addition, a power bollard option is also available – these provide the same types of access to service in a different format, elegantly designed which can feature alongside other outdoor furniture.

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