Anti-ligature ventilation grilles for mental health

  • 15 Nov 2019

Ventilation is very important in ensuring your mental health facility is as energy-efficient and safe as possible. Contour‘s new anti-ligature ventilation grille has been developed with the safety and care of its users in mind.

Quality ventilation systems allow the air to circulate and helps keep pollutants at bay. Moist air from breathing, cooking fumes and bathroom settle on the wall and can cause toxic mould to grow, which is damaging to both the building and the health of the people inside it.

The Department of Health states that service users in mental health settings need spaces that are well equipped and designed to feel comfortable and relaxed.

Designs that have good acoustics (that is, that helps reduce the level of noise and echo), minimise the risk of crowding, and have natural light and ventilation are important in helping to create a positive, therapeutic atmosphere.

It’s clear to see the importance of a well-ventilated environment for the health and well-being of your service users. With that in mind, Contour recognises the need for anti-ligature air ventilation grilles and the potential to improve standards within mental health facilities.

Problems with current ventilation grilles

Standard plastic and even metal ventilation grilles are not suitable for mental health settings. The grille openings and the structural designs can create difficult situations for staff and service users. For example, ventilation grilles made from plastic can easily be broken into sharp instruments, causing risk to both staff and patients.

Additionally, when ventilation grilles are positioned on ceilings and walls, their openings can be used to create ligature points. With suicide prevention being of a high priority in mental health wards, Contour’s anti-ligature ventilation grilles are a welcome addition to our product catalogue.

What is the solution?

Contour’s new anti-ligature ventilation grille has been designed to be placed over the top of the standard ventilation grille, the anti-ligature ventilation grille incorporates the IP3x rated grille pattern. This can be seen on the DeepClean radiator covers in Contour’s range.

The perforated holes allow the air to pass through and minimises the risk of a service user being able to secure a ligature point on the grille.

Manufactured from either 1.5mm Zintec steel or 1.6mm Magnelis steel (for wet environments), Contour’s anti-ligature ventilation grilles are built with durability in mind. The robust, full-frame design enables quick access for cleaning and maintenance to ensure the grille stays clean, allowing the air to pass through and helping with infection control targets. As with most of Contour’s products, the anti-ligature ventilation grille is coated with BioCote® technology.

Contour Heating is the only company to incorporate BioCote® anti-microbial protection into its LST and anti-ligature products. This unique, patented additive provides an effective, safe and long-lasting solution to combatting a wide range of dangerous bacteria, including MRSA and E.coli.

In addition, Contour offers a variety of RAL colours to perfectly fit in with the interior design of your setting. Click here to choose your desired option.

Through close consultation with the customer, Contour can accommodate the individual requirements of any environment. Contour will work with you to discuss sizing and colour options to ensure that your practical and aesthetic needs are met.

Contour can be contacted at;
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