ASSA ABLOY: Quieter door closing can benefit every building user

  • 8 Apr 2022

The world can be a noisy place. Sometimes the technologies we trust to keep the peace, end up making the problem worse. ASSA ABLOY has more…

No building can do without doors, but automated settings for secure or fire-regulated closing are often so strong that it causes the door to slam into its frame. Such regular loud noise impacts the well-being, concentration, rest patterns and more of every building user.

ASSA ABLOY has developed a solution to combat this: Door closers with Close-Motion® technology. They shut single- or double-leaf doors tight, almost inaudibly, ensuring a quieter, secure environment for everyone. 


The negative impact of noise

Noise is an often-underestimated stress factor. Noise protection solutions can improve quality of life in the short and long term. The German Acoustical Society (DEGA) regularly examines its negative consequences during their annual International Noise Awareness Day

Even low noise levels can put the human body under stress. For example, the University of Michigan’s Occupational Health Nursing Program found that chronic noise in the workplace caused an ‘increase in blood pressure and heart rate.

Another study led by a Harvard Medical School sleep expert explored ‘the disruptive capacity of a range of hospital sounds on sleep’. They concluded it was ‘essential to improve the acoustic environments of new and existing health care facilities to enable the highest quality of care’. A closing door was among 14 specific background sounds studied.

Andreas Gmelin, Product Management and Business Development Director, EMEIA Door Closer Product Unit at ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions, comments: “Environmental noise is not a trivial problem. It is important to avoid unnecessary acoustic pollution at the workplace, in educational and cultural facilities, in homes and hotels, as well as hospitals – to help both peace of mind and productivity.”

A solution for noise-free door closing

With Close-Motion, ASSA ABLOY has developed a door closing technology which operates almost silently and is unique to the market. A Close-Motion door closer quickly closes the door up to a narrow gap, then softly dampens it and pulls it slowly, quietly and securely to shut tight. All you hear is a soft click.

Close-Motion works reliably in even the most difficult conditions, handling wind pressure, draughts or air suction effects with ease. The result is reduced environmental noise, increased building security and minimized energy waste.

Close-Motion technology combines these safety, accessibility and convenience benefits in a single component which is fully integrated into the door closer housing. This eliminates the need to install an additional component and preserves the appearance of the doors.

Easy installation and no need for later adjustments

In creating Close-Motion components, ASSA ABLOY product designers prioritized easy installation and practical adjustment options. 

A universal mounting plate, standardized fixing positions and drilling templates speed up installation. The height-adjustable spindle prevents installation mistakes and enables later adjustment without cost or time delays. 

In just a few steps, the opening damping and closing speed, as well as the closing force, can be adjusted to meet a door’s precise needs. Settings, once made, are also long-lasting. Temperature fluctuations, for example, do not need extra maintenance. The door closer continues to work according to regulations without readjustment. 

ASSA ABLOY Close-Motion door closers are tested according to EN 1154/EN 1158 standards for fire and smoke protection doors. 

Andreas Gmelin adds: “Close-Motion brings peace and quiet when people really need it. When they are working, learning, relaxing, recovering or sleeping.”

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