ASSA ABLOY specification consultants help a Polish hotel developer to control costs better

  • 1 Apr 2022

As a property investor, Structure Capital aims to create buildings which combine form and function with a return on investment (ROI). To help achieve this, ‘it is important… to have a clear vision of every project‘. ASSA ABLOY have more…

In the hotel and hospitality sector this vision centres on harnessing modern technology to improve the design, functionality and construction efficiency of the build.

They adopt a strict approach to cost control and cost management, to ensure finished buildings deliver a strong ROI. Through the entire construction process for every building, transparency in workflows is a must — to ensure every relevant stakeholder can always access current data or project information.


To help deliver their vision, they run hotel design and construction following Building Information Modelling (BIM) principles. Their BIM capability is managed by a team with more than 10 years’ experience, across multiple development projects in the sector.

BIM and specification expertise is invaluable for property investors

The BIM team from ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions partner with Structure Capital to ensure transparent, up-to-date specifications for every door solution are available on demand.

Efficient specification and information exchange streamline the process of deploying multiple door solutions from ASSA ABLOY’s portfolio. The comprehensive range includes door systems and electronic locks and strikes, innovative door closers and access control solutions tailored to the hospitality sector.

Andrzej Leszczyński, Head of Architecture at Structure Capital, comments: “Our specification was connected and up to date with the BIM model.”

The BIM process is an ongoing dialogue, a process which helps architects, building contractors, investors and project owners to work collaboratively. More than just workflow management or virtual modelling, BIM is a data-rich collaboration.

Specifiers from ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions contribute throughout the BIM process. Their specialised knowledge is always available to architect and client, including at dedicated, in-person specification meetings. ASSA ABLOY specification expertise helps simplify what can be a complex, time-consuming process.

Digital collaboration with Openings Studio software

Openings Studio specifically sets out to deliver product specifications to building designs in progress. This intuitive software package quickly and accurately transmits the relevant specification data for doors, frames and all other hardware solutions around the door.

It is optimised to work with popular design programs including Autodesk® Revit® and Graphisoft® Archicad®, which saves architects’ time and minimises specification errors.

By deploying the software, Structure Capital can connect every stakeholder in multiple teams to an updated, properly specified design model. The software logs every change, so it is easy to ‘rewind’ to compare previous configurations of any opening.

Mateusz Budzisz, Specification Specialist at ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions Poland, comments: “With our BIM consultants and software, we give project managers and investors the accuracy and detail they need.

“It helps them make the decisions which impact cost management — and every other key project metric.”

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