ASSA ABLOY: When digital PINs replace traditional keys, staff in a small business save time

  • 10 Nov 2023

In many small businesses, the task of handing out and tracking keys is laborious and time-consuming. And because mechanical locking requires a keyholder (or keyholders) to be present, staff absences or vacations cause a problem — including unnecessary waiting around for an important door to be opened. A simple, familiar solution is offered when businesses make a simple switch to digital PIN locking, as ASSA ABLOY explains here…

Tom Smeets, owner of family-run Smeets Pharmacy in Lint, near Antwerp, comments: “We had a door with a classic lock and key. But seven of us were working here, it was really complicated.”

Smeets sought a modern, digital approach to access — a more efficient replacement for mechanical lock-and-key security. The aim was to provide his pharmacy staff with more convenient door security which would do away with any need for them to hang around waiting for a keyholder, which can waste valuable time and money for the business.


The solution had to be easy to operate; a small business like Smeets Pharmacy does not employ a security manager or access control specialist. And, of course, reliable security with an established track-record in protecting staff, premises and medicines was non-negotiable.

Everyone has their own PIN — no one carries keys

To replace the existing lock, Smeets selected ASSA ABLOY’s Code Handle® Door Lock. This modern device brings convenient security to the business: It looks and works just like any other door handle but incorporates digital PIN security inside. 

Doors with Code Handle unlock with up to 9 different 4- to 6-digit PINs; all staff have their own. Anyone’s PIN is cancellable or changeable at anytime.

Because of its simplicity, cost-effectiveness and easy installation, Code Handle is a popular choice at small and medium-sized medical practices across Europe. The device fits right onto an existing standard locking cylinder and is quickly fixed in place with two screws; it’s simple, even for non-specialists. 

There’s no wiring and no software. Power comes from long-lasting standard batteries.

Tom adds: “It’s so practical. It also gives a very professional impression.”

For users, a Code Handle is convenient. They simply push the buttons to enter their PIN and work the handle as normal. It’s all familiar, but with no need for anyone to carry keys, keycards or any other credential.

It doesn’t matter if a keyholder is on leave, sick or just late. Everyone gets in as soon as they need by inputting their personalised PIN. 

Tom concludes: “There’s no longer any problem with the key as before. Of course, I am very satisfied. It’s a perfect solution for us.”

Learn more about Code Handle Digital Door Locks.

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