AWMS GATIC Slotdrain: Surface water drainage solutions for every location

  • 19 May 2023

GATIC Slotdrain from Alumasc Water Management Solutions (AWMS), presents a range of innovative surface water drainage channels capable of handling any conceivable combination of drainage demand and loading requirement.

Slotdrain’s unique hexagonal profile was developed by Gatic to ensure the system can handle varying volumes of rainfall with equally high efficiency. Channels come in various sizes and have an accompanying range of accessories and fittings to achieve total design flexibility.


CastSlot. Ideal in areas where constant, slow-turning traffic is a consideration. It has been designed specifically to meet the needs of supermarket car parks and delivery/distribution areas, where load ratings can reach F900. It sits neatly within concrete, asphalt and block surface finishes.

UltraSlot. Used in external concrete areas subject to constant traffic, such as airports and ports. The system allows sufficient depth of concrete over the main body of the channel to withstand ultra-heavy-duty loads.

A ‘treadsafe’ option is available for both Cast and Ultraslot, which makes the channels safe to cross when used in areas subject to high foot traffic.

PaveSlot. Used to drain external hard surface areas where a neat and unobtrusive aesthetic is required. Typically used with paving units, the system is suitable for all paved pedestrian areas, which may also need to accommodate the occasional car.

FaçadeSlot. A discreet channel that can be installed directly against a building, wall or other landscape feature, to provide effective drainage of water from vertical surfaces, door thresholds and the adjacent pavement area. It can follow the building perimeter whether straight or curved, and can accommodate rainwater downpipes.

Slotdrain: Technical Benefits

The design and requirements of a surface drainage system will vary according to geographic location. To address this, the intake capacity of each type of Slotdrain is much greater than would be required in most realistic situations, despite appearing only as a very neat slot in the pavement.

Slotdrain can be incorporated within the drainage scheme of urban projects to assist with the efficient collection and re-use of water, providing a simple and effective method of water storage and flow regulation.

Architects, specifiers and engineers can quantify surface water using the unique AWMS Drainage CalculatorThe Slotdrain range is manufactured from pre-galvanised sheet steel and will not break during transportation, storage, installation or operation, thus minimising costs for both the contractor and client.

Cast, Ultra and PaveSlot units are available from 100 to 600mm wide; the largest unit having a storage capacity of 405 l/m. FacadeSlot is available in 50, 75 and 115mm widths. Slotdrain can also be supplied in stainless steel.

The range offers these additional benefits:

 – Quick installation times
 – High capacity, strength and durability
 – Maximum intake
 – Impact resistance
 – Reduced maintenance costs
 – No moving parts
 – Tamper-proof

The range can be installed in areas likely to experience extreme temperatures, and when installed in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendations, should perform for the lifetime of the site.

A comprehensive range of grates and covers is available to suit every conceivable system design, supplied with locking bolts for additional safety and security.

Under the AWMS umbrella, sit five brands well known for innovation, quality and longevity: 

Alumasc Rainwater Gutters & Downpipes
Skyline Architectural Aluminium
Harmer Building Drainage
Wade Building Drainage
Gatic Civil Drainage & Access Covers.

The extensive product portfolio ensures the provision of Rain to Drain solutions that set the standard for urban water management.

Alumasc Water Management Solutions is part of the Alumasc Group.

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